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Or accused of a quadruple infanticide cleared by science?

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Kathleen Fulbig was sentenced in 2003 to 30 years in prison for the murder of her four children. Genetic vulnerabilities have been found in their genomes, legitimizing suspicion about possible natural death. 91 scholars ask for his pardon.

Between 1989 and 1999, Kathleen Vollege lost her four children. The youngest was 18 days old and the oldest was 18 months old. They are said to have died from sudden death and epilepsy. In the fourth death, the police conduct an investigation and conclude an infanticide four times, withdrawing even the mother’s confession, which was then considered one of the worst “serial killers in Australia”. He was sentenced to 40 years in prison, and the sentence will be reduced to 30 years on appeal in 2003.

However, scientific work has proven that natural causes can be the cause of many deaths even within a family unit. In 2016, A study led by researchers from the University of Paris Descartes It goes in this direction. Recent analyzes of the victims’ genomes have revealed mutations that could lead to SIDS reports Parisian. That is why 91 international scientists, including two French researchers from the University Hospital of Nantes, asked the mother of the family Grace.

What about confessions?

In 2019, attorney Kathleen Fulbig felt that justice couldn’t take her writing into account as a confession. For him, parents who have lost their children are in such a situation that they can “irrationally blame themselves for their actions and negligence.”

Australian justice remains idly by about requests for review. That is why scholars are asking the governor of New South Wales to be pardoned. If granted, Rani Rigaud, co-author of the petition, said, “Kathleen Fulbig will be released after 18 years in prison, but she will have to go to the New South Wales Criminal Appeals Court to request that his conviction be revoked.” Fakih.

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