Dhaimi calls for QST suspension on petrol

In the face of rising gas prices, Quebec’s Conservative Party leader Eric Duhemy has asked Quebec to stop imposing sales tax there, a measure the Legault government has so far rejected.

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Passing through Sainte-Anne-de-la-Peride, in Maurice, to present a candidate there on Tuesday, Eric Duhemy said it would be “inappropriate” for Quebec to continue to collect this tax in the current context.

He declared: “It is not true that the Quebec government will continue to take advantage of higher gasoline prices to make more money from taxes on this product.”

With that tax suspended, the former radio host estimates consumers can save up to 20 cents per liter.

But this is a “short-term” solution, insisted Eric Dhaimi, who has called for the resumption of exploration and exploitation of oil and gas resources in the province.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney announced on Monday that he will raise his province’s gasoline tax effective 1Verse Next April, which will allow motorists to save 13 cents per liter.

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