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The Futura adventure began 20 years ago. Independent media since its inception, you can now support our freedom with a monthly Patreon subscription. In return for your support: Ad-free browsing on the entire site and the ability to go behind the scenes and participate in the life of Futura. We explain to you.

Support our freedom via Patreon!

Patreon is the support platform we chose for our subscription system. Created in 2013, the site invites Internet users to fund various creative projects with regular subscriptions. Today we offer two subscription plans with no obligation.

The first is called Futura is ad-free Provides guaranteed, without advertising access to the entire site and its services for €3.29 per month (+ VAT).

second subscription form Share in the life of Futura » More involved, meaning that, in addition to ad-free access, it gives you the opportunity to participate in the life of our independent media (votes, new content, polls, etc.) for 6.29 € per month (+ VAT).

If you like our articles, if you follow science news with the same passion and curiosity as we do, and if you want more, in new formats, support us on our future adventures by becoming a Patreon Contributor!

How do I subscribe to the Futura channel on Patreon?

Here are the steps to follow to sign up:

  • Click on the gold star at the top right of the Futura logo: This is the members area that allows you to sign up or identify yourself if you already have a Patreon account.
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  • you will have ” pop up “that will invite you to discover them Futura subscriptionsClick this button!
  • then new Window It will open to redirect you to our Patreon subscriptions
  • You can then choose the subscription that suits you best and create an account. via Patreon to unlock this subscription and its benefits.

  • You will then receive a confirmation email for your registration.
  • You can now access all of our Patreon posts, as well as ad-free articles!
  • Check your mailbox regularly, this is where you will receive notifications for each of our Patreon posts.

Each time you return to the Futura website, make sure you are logged in by clicking on the gold star at the top right, otherwise the ad-free module will not be able to activate.

See you on Patreon!

Here’s the kind of content you’ll see on our Patreon account: live discussions with our editorial teams, and many more surprises!

Don’t hesitate with us Contact directly If you want to ask us more questions about this Patreon space, and about our approach.

Thanks for your support and see you soon in our members area!

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