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Discover: the memory of squid does not decline with age!

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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This is what British researchers note based on their eating behavior.

They served tasteless cephalopod shrimp with their favourites, at the same time and in two different places. Then the cute shrimp after an hour, and my favorite after 3 hours, in the same places. A month later, the squid had to make a choice: if they ate nice shrimp, then the good would not be brought from them. Result: everyone wait! They formed a complex memory of the tastiest meal, its time and place. Surprisingly, the old squid remembers it faster than the young ones. “Their anatomy might explain this: their memory foci are highly resistant to age-related degeneration, Alexandra Schnell, an ecologist at the University of Cambridge and author of the study, explains. But it could also be due to the mating stresses of squid, which don’t recur until the end of their lives.” They should actually mate with as many partners as possible, keeping them in memory to spread their genes as much as possible.

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