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Podcast has seen a rise in recent years and is becoming a medium in its own right. Easy to access and interesting, it stormed the web and revolutionized audio production. Users and producers attest to the growing popularity of this medium.

Written by Melissa Goodrault, Associate Journalist

A podcast, also called a podcast, is a way of distributing files (video, audio, etc.) over the Internet. Internet users are allowed to listen live or download podcasts or videos to any electronic device. The word “podcast” arose from the amalgamation of the terms “iPod” and “broadcast” and appeared in the early 2000s. Like radio or television, podcasts are now very popular and even one of the main mediums used … by the citizens. It is a way to enjoy as much as it is to educate oneself and can be accessed anywhere and any medium. The number of people listening to podcasts as well as the number of people producing them has increased dramatically in recent years.

Podcast lovers

Xavier Gagnon, a journalism student at Laval University, enjoys listening to podcasts. “What I like when I listen to a podcast is discover (culture, news, etc.), but above all listen to discussions that make me better understand issues that I didn’t take the time to tell me about,” he explains. Podcasts are believed to be very popular and becoming more and more popular. It is also easily accessible: you can listen to it on various platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, and Google Podcast. The ones he prefers are “Quebec podcasts, whether they relate to humor, current affairs or just open discussions, without firm rules with the concerned guests.”

The human behind the podcast

Simon Pagé de Varennes hosts a podcast on international relations. He started with it, because according to him there was no big show of content about international relations in the French language, except for the media coverage of Radio Canada and academic conferences. What he especially loves about his podcast, “is that you can put in a little more color than writing articles.” ” [Ils durent] Thirty-five to forty minutes, which means you have time to explore the intricacies of the topics you are discussing. ”The team of collaborators at Strategic Horizons, a young think tank that produces and activates the various multimedia products that it is a part of, has the opportunity to discuss with researchers and the people who work on this. Scope. “It’s very exciting to be able to talk to people who know a lot about the topics we’re talking about,” he says.

List of Popular Quebec Podcasts (Entertainment Category)

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List of podcasts produced by Radio Canada (Information Category)

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