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Diversity in the spotlight at Toronto Six

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When he was appointed to lead the Six in early June, Mark Joslin became the first black coach in the history of the Women’s National Hockey League (NWHL).

Angela James, who he persuaded to join him behind the bench, and Christy Clark, who was named general manager on Monday, are also the first to fill their positions in the NWHL, which league would be. Seventh season in 2021.

Digit Murphy did her homework and brought in the people she considered most qualified regardless of their skin color or ethnicity. I honestly think it’s just a coincidence Mark Gosselin says the organization has hired three people of color to lead the team, although he welcomes this unusual fact in a world of hockey where men – especially white men – usually take precedence.

Kristi Clark, who was part of the hiring process for Jocelyn and James, acknowledges that the goal was never to hire exclusively diverse coaches, but describes the end result ashappy coincidence.

We want to match the definition of change. We want to change the way hockey is seen because we have a platform to do that […] We want to be on the right side of history.

Quote from:Christy Clark, General Manager, Toronto Six

As someone who fell into three minority classes, I was often the only person of color in the room, the only woman, the only gay person, or all three. With the six, this is the first time I’m a majority […] And it’s good to know I’m not alone anymoreThis is Clark.

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The latter, in addition to being the now head of the Six, was also the director of operations for York United FC for three years, in the Canadian Football Premier League.

Angela James (left) was one of the first women to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2010.

Photo: The Canadian Press / Frank Gunn

The most notable addition to the six remains Angela James. Marc Jocelyn, who I knew in the ’80s when they both played for Seneca College hockey teams, says it would be invaluable. He remembers that she is after all one of the most decorated hockey players of all time.

As a true pioneer, James helped Canada win four world championships. She was also one of the first two women, the first openly gay player and the second black athlete to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, in 2010.

It’s Wayne Gretzky, the women’s hockey playerChristy Clark summarizes.

I still love hockey a lot, says the main interested party. I’ve always been in the sport, but now has been a great time to get back to the elite players and advise them.

Although she wanted to stick with hockey in the interview, Angela James still understood the importance of employing the Six for the following generations in hockey.

I think this is a great opportunity for everyone. Considering everything that has happened in the past year, this is also a positive message to send […] In the future, if it helps the player feel more comfortable in their environment, we will do our job. And perhaps it will attract more diverse communities and people of color to the team, league and sport., concluded.

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Hiring Angela James has already resonated with one of the six new players. Defender Saroya Tinker, who is also from diverse backgrounds, says it was so emotional After hearing the news of his arrival. Tinker signed with The Six last week, unaware that James’ appointment was going on behind the scenes.

I had a few tears of joy to say it all. Since the beginning of my career, I have never had the opportunity to play with a color coach, and you could have made a huge difference. I can still improve a lot and that makes me want to work even harder to see that I can play with Angela James, who I have always admired. I’m so excited. It’s positive and this is how we can make important changesas you say.

I think we’re finally giving blacks the right to hockey. You can see it’s hiring someone from a visible minority, but in my opinion, Mark Jocelyn and Angela James Mahran are like many of their white counterparts who were their favourite in the past., she adds.

In last year’s NWHL junior season, Tinker won the Denna Laing Cup for his commitment to combating racism and social injustice in the United States and Canada. A native of Oshawa, she hopes that her return home will allow her to participate more fully in society.

Some additional additions

In addition to recent signings, the Toronto Six made several additions to their lineup through the NWHL Draft Tuesday night. The Toronto team first chose front players Megan Pires (3e) and Tatum Skaggs (4 .)e), as well as defender Taylor Davison (5 .).e) in the first round.

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Six Canadians called Annie MacDonald (9e), Rachel Marmin (10e) and Olivia Atkinson (22 .)e), American Leah Marino (16 .)e) and Russia’s Daria Tereshkina (28 .).e) during subsequent turns.

Kim Ng, general manager of the Miami Marlins and the first woman to hold the position in major baseball, also announced Toronto’s fourth-place pick. Meanwhile, Defenseman PK Subban, of the New Jersey Devils, revealed the six’s pick in the 10th grade.

Olympians Caroline Ole and Julie Chu revealed Atkinson’s fourth-round pick, which led him to Concordia University.

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