Diving into the heart of science

More than 500 preparatory students from Creuse participated in the recently organized Chemistry and Terroir meetings at Espace André-Lejeune, in Guéret.

André-Lejeune space has been transformed into a real science village during these chemistry and terrain meetings with the participation of many partners who revolve around the scientific research that combines these two themes. “Chemistry is in our rural area. The recovery of agricultural residues into fuel is presented in a workshop,” for example, notes Claude Mitro, Vice President of Récréasciences Limousin, one of the organizers of the meeting.

Students were able to observe and manipulate more than twenty present pauses. They had real scientific approaches, put forward hypotheses, and validated them under the guidance of various stakeholders in the scientific sector.

In the workshop at Scientipus’ stand, Liam, a four-year-old student e From Barsac College through the visual approach dealing with the properties of gases, explained by Quentin and which is based on experimentation and observation.

Meet the Scholars

Same satisfaction for George, his tech teacher. “This morning complements our classes by performing a manipulation that allows for a better understanding of the concepts.”

Students had the opportunity to meet scholars on site to reflect what they were learning in class. Melissa Charrier, Communications Officer at Récréasciences, perfectly sums up the impact of the event: “In the face of noticing the decline in the scientific sectors, these meetings make people curious about science. If these areas are approached in a playful, engaging and accessible way, it is possible to launch careers for students the future. “

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