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Do you drag your feet to exercise? The science is with you!

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Motivating yourself to exercise is a challenge for many. Because today, lack of exercise seems almost like that abnormality. Furthermore, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends exercising at least 150 minutes per week. However, according to the American biologist from Harvard University, Professor Daniel Lieberman, it is important not to do this. tails If you pull up a bit before you start. Because according to him, our bodies are never programmed to do physical exercises without a specific goal.

“We didn’t evolve just to burn calories.”

“We have evolved to be as inactive as possible. Of course, our bodies It may have evolved to learn to run, but in the absence of a reason to run, we have not evolved to burn calories simply through movement.”He explains in a podcast from the Financial Times, FT Weekend. For the researcher, our bodies are designed to Energy conservation at most in case Lack of foodAnd not just to keep it. “Historically, people were very physically active, but they didn’t exercise like we do now”, he explains. According to him, for our body, doing sports would be strange.

“If you hate the treadmill, there is a historical reason.”

During the broadcast, the world cites an example rolling millvery symbolic: “Indeed, treadmills were invented to punish prisoners In the Victorian era, if you hated them, there was a historical reason. Your body instinctively associates it with punishment. »

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