Dolbeau-Mistassini has expressed his concerns to the CIUSSS Board of Directors

Carol Richer assumed her duties two days prior to confinement on March 13, 2020, and evaluated the activities of her committee, which had been suspended for some time due to the health crisis.

She was quick to share her concerns with board members Siso, during a meeting held on Wednesday via video link.

The element that emerged from his presentation is that the Dolbeau-Mistassini sector has the impression that the local hospital center is now seen as a dispensary rather than a hospital as such by the governing bodies.

It cited, among other things, malfunctions in the hematology and oncology services, which required severely ill patients to be forced to move to other hospitals.

In hematology, it is not funny to transfer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Patients often ask when we have a hospital in our lands , summarized.

The chairwoman of the committee, which was set up to address the concerns of Maria Chapdelin’s health sector, said she was concerned.

We are concerned on many levels, especially in terms of the operating room, we hear a lot about Jonquière and Chicoutimi. stay informed, mentioned.

The Chair also deplored the fact that the Committee He learns everything in newspapers and on the radio Before you are duly notified of some important files.

Yes, the politician acts as a loudspeaker, but it somewhat impedes the commission’s impulse to obtain information inversely.

Quote from:Carol Reacher, Advisory Committee Chair, Maria Chapdelinديل

The comments I made did not fall to the ground , replied the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Frans Guay.

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When announcing the end of hematoma services at the end of May, Dolbeau-Mistassini’s mayor, Pascal Cloutier, said he was very disappointed. We will have to decentralize powers at some point and make sure that communities have their sayHe told Radio Canada.

The administration is quick to reassure

Vice President and CEO of Siso, Julie Lavoie, who represented Julie Lappe, who was absent due to the network’s management committee contract, was reassured.

The operating room project is still very active, despite hearing the news of Chicoutimi and Junkiere. There are three trains moving in parallel. I assure you of this level , did she say.

Julie Lavoie also noted that three directors have been appointed to ensure a presence at Dolbeau-Mistassini

It is very clear to us that Maria Chapdelin is a hospital center, not a dispensary said the Executive Vice President. Julie Lavoie also specified that the presence of a pivotal oncology nurse in the Region makes it possible to ensure follow-up in the absence of adequate service. She also indicated that cancer patients who need to travel can be transported via Siso if it is necessary.

Just like you, we are very concerned about this situation, Julie Lavoie shared.

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