Dolbeau-Mistassini wants to develop La Friche Industrial Park

The elected officials of the municipality adopted a loan regulation for the expansion of the industrial zone located in the Dolbo sector, on Monday, during the municipal council meeting held in the evening.

The loan list of more than $1.6 million will provide financing for construction and financial costs related to the project and the acquisition of land in the sector at a cost of approximately $400,000 for the implementation of the development project, which will include two phases.

On Monday, the municipal council also authorized the sale of a plot of land in this sector, on Niké Street, to the Pavage régional company.

The project will provide some land, which will recover part of the investment. The development of the sector will then evolve according to demand.

Dolbeau-Mistassini also has a large-scale development project for its industrial complex on Boulevard Pollian, in the Mistassini sector, which is currently being analyzed.

This does not mean that the industrial complex of the Mystacini sector has fallen behind, but rather that at the moment it does not meet the needs of some companies.Kristen Suvago, communications and community relations consultant, said in writing after the board meeting.

A register will be made available on April 20 and 21 for citizens who wish to call for a referendum on the project to develop the industrial zone on La Frêche Street.

Chancellor Remy Russo explained that a total of 1,005 signatures were needed to force the municipality to hold a referendum during the session, which was streamed online.

Wastewater treatment on the Saint Louis Plateau

During the meeting, elected officials also approved bylaws a loan of just over $815,000 to launch a project to construct a collective sewage treatment system for 85 residences on the St.

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The money will make it possible to pay professional fees to start the total project of $7.7 million, which must be completed by the end of 2023 to benefit from a subsidy from Quebec.

The network that will take the form of a file small sewage network, will replace the septic tanks in the dwellings, the modernization of which was deemed necessary after the evaluation was too expensive. A public meeting was held last week on this project, which has been discussed for several years, said Christine Sauvago.

Dolbeau-Mistassini . City Council

Photo: Radio Canada/Laurie Jubel

Claude Godbot appointed General Manager

On Monday, elected officials also proceeded to appoint a new director general for the municipality.

Claude Goodbot, the current Director of Entertainment Services, will take over his duties on April 11 from Frederic Lemieux, who has been appointed General Manager of Alma.

A congratulatory proposal was made by Chancellor Rémi Rousseau to highlight the work of Frédéric Lemieux, who has worked in the municipal administration for 21 years. The new outlet’s contract is valid until August 31, 2023.

new collective agreement

The municipal council also adopted the new employment contract that was negotiated with municipal employees of the Canadian Federation of Public Employees (CUPE). The employees have been without a contract since the end of 2020.

The new employment contract, which will be valid until December 31, 2026, will be signed on Friday.

Mayor Andre Gay indicated during the session that he wanted to wait for the collective agreement to be signed before determining salary increases, which he described as Responsible.

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