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Dominic Ducharme expects a lot from veterans

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By the end of the season, the Canadian will have an intense schedule. But this you already knew.

It is clear that it will be difficult for the players to keep up. This is why Mark Bergevin wants to get as many reinforcements as possible. Thus, he would be able to grant permission to veterans.

But there is one also important aspect to consider: CH will have less time to train. During the match holiday, which will be minimal, Canadian players are often entitled to a training leave.

Normal. However, for the coach, this is not good news. After all, more than a month after taking office, Dominic Ducharme has yet to score two wins in a row. So, somewhere, you have to keep working on certain aspects of the game.

Yes, there will be Morning skis And reserve soldiers training. But ordinary people will not have the opportunity to train as much as they want. It will be difficult to make adjustments.

This is the reason Ducharme expects a lot from veterans, Who need less exercise, but need more rest.

It sure makes sense when explaining it this way to ask veterans. However, on ice in match situations, it would be difficult to demand too much of them.

The Coach Quoted by Shea Weber. While some people want to see Weber get fewer minutes in light of this difficult time, the coach is countering the tide by asking for more.

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Same story for Corey Berry, who is no longer in full force in 2021.

Dominic Ducharme is a youth coach, but he relies heavily on veterans. In the youth league and on intense straightening, everyone will have to give some.

Obviously, I understand what the coach means. Their experience will be beneficial at this difficult time … But we must not forget what young people can bring and what they must bring.

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