Drummondville will host JAIME, a festival that celebrates internet culture

Organized by the mural organization, which is behind the public art festival of the same name. This is one of the initiatives of the Municipal Recovery Plan, and it will combine activities intended for people of all ages and all tastes, assures its General Director Pierre-Alain Benoit.

We will do activities that are similar in form to what we already have: performances, exhibitions, live visual arts, art installations, evening shows, but always with a theme inspired by the culture that comes to us from the web, web artists, memes, trendshe explains.

JAIME, the Internet Festival is a personal exploration of the culture that spreads across the web. »

Quote from Pierre-Alain Benoit, General Director of the JAIME Internet Festival.

He adds that for us web culture is a new type of folklore that is spreading all over the world. What we want to do is keep in mind that people are inspired by a lot of what they see on their phones and computers, but they also need to connect in real life to exchange out there above, especially since we’ve done so much less in recent years.

In a press release, Drummondville Mayor Stephanie Lacoste confirmed her enthusiasm for the event. AIME will definitely be a summer favorite. So it is a date not to be missed in the city centerShe said.

The detailed program of the festival should be revealed in a few weeks.

With information from Valérie Ambeault and Jean-Francois Dumas

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