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Duhamel Case: Frederic Millon resigns as Director of Science Po Paris

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Last month, students formally called for his resignation. This is done now. Frédéric Millon, director of the Institute of Sciences in Paris, resigned on Tuesday, According to information from BFMTV.

The pressure was strong on the 51-year-old senior official, who ended up giving up knowledge of the incest charges that targeted Olivier Duhamel, in charge of the institution’s political studies institute. In an open letter posted on the Liberation website, more than 500 students, professors, and staff of Science-po asked to leave.

Frederick Millon allegedly alerted Mark Guillaume himself

While revealing the content of the work of Camille Kouchner, the beautiful daughter of Olivier Duhamel who accused the latter of mistreating her brother when he was only 13 years old, Frederic Millon for the first time expressed his surprise. He ended up confessing to Le Monde that he had been informed of the incest charges that weighed on Al-Dustoury. Then he confirmed that he had contacted a relative of Olivier Duhamel, who would have believed that the rumors were unfounded.

According to a survey published on Tuesday By Marianne WeeklyThe former Secretary-General of the Government and current governor of Ile-de-France, Marc Guillaume, admitted that he was twice reported to have “sexual problems” related to Duhamel. “But not incest,” he told investigators from the National Education Inspection Mission. He resigned the next day to leave Duhamel’s relationship from his jobs at Science Po Paris.

Frédéric Millon allegedly received an alert for the first time in 2018, after having lunch with Aureli Felipetti, the former culture minister, who was informed by two of her friends. So far, Frederick Millon has never confirmed that he alerted Mark Guillaume. The latter was a member of the board of directors of the National Foundation for Political Science, headed by Olivier Duhamel with whom he had befriended for some time.

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In the wake of the public disclosure of the allegations of incest against Olivier Duhamel, Marianne confirms that Frédéric Millon had called Aurelie Felipetti twice. He told her for the first time, “You don’t have to think you know.” During the second call, he allegedly asked her to “not confirm that Mark Guillaume was aware”.

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