Earth Day: Importance of Refrigerator Recycling

Pollution from an expired refrigerator corresponds to an average of one ton of carbon dioxide, which is the equivalent of using a car for a year.

It comes from the gases in the cooling system, but also in the insulating foam.

The company recycles up to 97% of the refrigerator, including plastic and metal.

Over the past year, a new regional program has asked business centers and retailers to send expired refrigerators to the company.

Despite this, according to PureSphera’s general manager, Mathieu Fillion, hundreds of devices still end up in the garbage each year in Quebec.

The next time you see a device on the side of the road, be aware of the environmental problem. Do a good deed. Contact your municipality and environmental center for information. He adds that the program put in place by the government is a good step forward. It took a long time, but now it’s up and running and needs to be expedited. People need to ask questions. For example: When I buy a device, what happens to the old device?Concludes.

Like many other companies, the company is looking to hire workers. It relies on its environmental values ​​to attract a new generation of workers. Kyle Monplaisir has been a project manager at PureSphera for two years.

Today with all the environmental impact I can have in a company like this, I won’t take a step back. I wouldn’t go to work for companies that have no environmental conscience and don’t make efforts to save the planet for future generationsas you say.

An advertising campaign to raise awareness of cryogenic equipment recovery will be launched soon.

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Based on information from Raphalle Drouin

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