Écovoile Baie-des-Chaleurs relaunch its activities

text from Roxanne Langlois

Just before the start of summer, the Naval Base broker reported that the company that had covered it for several years had given up its sporting activities insurance program.

Countless attempts have since been made to find a new police force by the Solidarity Co-op, to no avail. The result: the activities offered on the municipal beach of Carlton-sur-Mer have been suspended for a few days. Dozens of seasonal jobs were also threatened.

The steps taken by Écovoile Baie-des-Chaleurs have finally paid off. Its chairman, Matteo Boudreaux, is very happy with this result, because we were afraid of having to give up the season at the beginning.

Écovoile was established in 2006 under the direction of Carleton Nautical Club; It became a solidarity cooperative the following year.

Photo: Radio Canada/Roxane Langlois

There is a company that has been dedicated to giving us a quote, and we are quick to accept it at any cost so that we can get to work, Mentionsed.

But Mr. Boudreaux defines it Everything is not rosyAs the premium paid previously has been quintupled with the new insurer, making the situation financially unsustainable. Thus, the solidarity cooperative will work A little for an insurance company this summerSorry, Matthew Boudreau.

Work continues to try to find long-term solutions not only for Écovoile, but also for all outside companies., says the head of the organization.

Matteo Boudreaux was photographed in front of a body of water.

Mathieu Boudreaux in his second term as president of the Écovoile Baie-des-Chaleurs (Archives).

Photo: Radio Canada/Roxane Langlois

Mountain biking promoters also faced similar problems earlier this year.

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Écovoile Baie-des-Chaleurs offers boat rentals, certified training sessions, cruises as well as day camps for future seafarers. Only TaxSea catamaran tours, which are offered by the service provider, have been suspended.

Sylvain Roy wants to tackle the problem

Since the media coverage of his situation, many elected officials, organizations and citizens have contacted the Écovoile Baie-des-Chaleurs to try to help them find a solution. This is particularly the case with the constituency office of Bonaventure’s deputy, Sylvain Roy.

Sylvain Roy looks into the distance in front of the trees.

Vice Bonaventure, Sylvain Roy (archive)

Photo: Radio Canada/Isabelle Larousse

The elected official, who recently looked at the increase in insurance rates among forest truck drivers, is not surprised by the problems the cooperative has faced. The […] Economic activities in the regions are held hostage by major insurance companies, sorry for the deputy.

Of course, this is a file I will be working on.

Quote from:Sylvain Roy, Member of Parliament for Bonaventure.

Representative Roy intends to make the insurance file in the region a battle horse since this phenomenon, according to him just grow up.

The elected official who sits as an independent in the National Assembly insists that the Gaspé joint insurance, which brings together the tourism, agricultural and forestry sectors, could be a way to consider it.

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