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Frank Vandenbroucke is ready to revise the benchmark 800 cases per day

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In order to start easing health measures, authorities last December set thresholds that must be reached: 800 injuries per day for at least three weeks and 75 hospitalizations per day for one week. But this Tuesday federal Health Secretary Frank Vandenbroek appears to be considering reviewing (slightly) these thresholds, as vaccination helps.

In fact, there are currently an average of 2,212.4 daily infections in the country. No. in a slight decrease. On average, 121 people are hospitalized every day. The numbers tend to stabilize for several days. This is what Yves van Lethem said Tuesday at a press conference. “The virus has not changed its infection and we are still standing. The plateau continues: it does not increase or decrease.” He said on Tuesday.

A glimmer of hope ?

Hence, recession appears to be slow to operate. We are still far from the thresholds required to start thinking of a real relaxation of sanitary measures.

But Frank Vandenbroek said so on Tuesday “Perhaps we could consider reviewing the threshold of 800 injuries per day. But I remain convinced that the threshold of 75 daily hospitalizations remains an important safety measure.”

The truth is, as we indicated at the beginning of February, according to our forecasts, if we were to maintain the threshold of 800 daily infections, we would never disassemble.

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Very slowly, the contamination decreases. They are currently in the same stage as at the beginning of December. However, the number of tests continues to increase as well. As for the positivity rate, it remained relatively stable at 5.2%.

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Vaccination as a condition

But the Federal Minister, in his speech to the House of Representatives, seems to have stipulated this possible review of the pollution threshold by providing vaccinations. In fact, if the virus infection does not differ, as indicated by Crisis Center spokesperson Yves Van Lethem, but at the same time the most vulnerable people are vaccinated, this may allow some taps to start.

So far, according to Sciensano, 3.65% of the population over the age of 18 has received the first dose of the vaccine. 1.14% of the population received both doses.

Focus on hospitalization

On the other hand, Frank Vandenbroek explained that he is not considering revising the threshold for 75 hospitalizations per day, over a consecutive week. For him, this threshold is a safety net.

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