Edmonton football team becomes elk

The Canadian Football League (CFL) member organization dropped its name in July 2020 because it was deemed inappropriate.

The name was featured live on the team’s YouTube channel.

Radio Canada is sensitive to the choice of words in its articles. What’s more, when it comes to using words they are considered insults. It’s been a long time since we used these words on Radio Canada Eskimo or Eskimos To designate Inuit people.

However, for the sake of clarity, and in accordance with our journalistic standards and practices (A new window)And, even today, we continue to use the word to refer to a football team Eskimos of Demonton . The use of the word is still appropriate to explain the controversy and the current events that surround it.

We understand that the use of the Edmonton team name is criticized because it is seen by many as a racial insult. Out of respect for them, we will give, as far as possible, synonyms to refer to the team.

The team, which has won the Gray Cup 14 times, consulted residents for suggestions on the new name.

It claims to have received 14,833 applications with 2,047 unique names.

During the second consultation phase, seven names were selected and the audience was invited to comment on their favorite names. In all, 38,761 people spoke at that time.

name ofElk It was not part of the Seven Options, but included elk, in the singular form.

a word Elk, Means Pushing force, rarely used with a file مع s in English, but the organization says it reviewed with linguists from the University of Alberta and representatives from the Oxford Dictionary before confirming the name chosen.

keep the team Elk instead of elk Because of its sound and its closeness to the acronym Essex Often used in the past.

popular choice

The organization did not commit to choosing the name that got the most votes from the population. She wanted to give herself options.

However, team leader Chris Bryson says that the name Alex was the most popular among all segments of the population. It is also the preferred name of the organization’s staff and players, he adds.

In an interview a few weeks ago, defensive line Matthew Bates admitted his preference Elk, with the addition that whatever the name is, the most important thing for him is to be able to resume playing as quickly as possible.

I can already imagine the fans in the stands with horns on their hats.

Quote from:Matthew Bates, Alex Demonton

Season Pass owner Jean-Marc Cloutier will wait a bit before buying a new hat.

I saw the new hats, they are very beautiful. The new logo is very nice, but my own [avec deux E superposés] Still good.

modernity and tradition

The new logo depicts the face of an elk with horns above the head. On the helmet we will find only the horns.

The double E crest will be retained, but it will not be the main team crest. It will be used during special promotions, and players will wear this logo on their helmet during certain matches during the season.

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We never had so many options for our image, says Chris Bryson. Our strategy for using our logos isn’t perfect, but we love the possibilities we have.

The name, although new, also echoes the past. In 1922, when the 10th Gray Cup was held, the Edmonton Elks lost 13-1 to Queen’s University.

The Elks were then one of my Edmonton-area rugby teams.

Back in August

The Canadian Football League hopes to resume operations on August 5. Chris Bryson says he is confident of achieving that goal.

According to the Alberta government’s dismantling plan, the Elks will be able to welcome bystanders, without restrictions, when 70% of the population receives their first dose of the vaccine.

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