Edmonton hosts the Rugby Sevens World Championships

The tournament was already in Vancouver for 4 years and now it’s Edmonton’s turn, says Gareth Reese, Director of Rugby Canada and Canada seven.

The stadium previously hosted the Women’s World Cup and rugby matches. However, this is the first time he has hosted this tournament Seven rugby.

The amplitude of the playing field greatly influenced the decision. The stadium is a huge asset to the Edmonton community and the city is a really good support when groups like ours come here. […] In terms of hospitality, it is very strong, he argues. He adds that it was Thin natural Because the stadium will honor the entertainment aspect and the experience accompanying the event.

We are so happy and ready to party!

Quote from:Gareth Reese, Director of Rugby Canada and Canada Ships

Canadian rugby team 7 competing in 2018.

Photo: @RugbyCanada/ via Twitter

Unique event

Football Seven Reese says it’s a lot more than what happens on Earth. It’s the crowds, the characters, the costumes, and the general atmosphere of the festival. He assures that this is a good opportunity for families as well as their business partners and clients to have a good time.

It is an experience for young people who want to celebrate and celebrate the world of rugby, he adds.

It really is a festival, a joyful collective feeling, says Karl Shippons, Events Director atEdmonton International Seven. People wear extravagant costumes, support their teams, and see people they haven’t seen in a long time. It really is a positive feeling.

Karl Shippons is a big fan of this event. He attended the tournament in Vancouver and believes this is a golden opportunity for Edmonton to host this international event. I will definitely bring, Shouted.

For rugby sevens players, it’s really bigExplain the tournament. There is nothing greater than this. Maybe the Olympics! This is really what every player aspires to, he adds.

The Edmonton Festival Seven Championship Two weeks ago, with locals and players, so having an HSBC event right after that is great. It gives motivation to the youngsters playing in our tournament. What could be better than playing and having a chance to see your idols perform in your city in a few weeks? Tells.

The tournament usually stops 10 times around the world. This year, Edmonton joined forces with Vancouver, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and Cape Town.

It’s the intense version of the Olympics, so Edmonton is in good company, this is M. Reese.

With Alberta reopening in its third phase, the event will be able to take place without restrictions and accommodate just over 31,000 fans per day in the outdoor stadium. Since the players come from an international, they will stay in a bubble.

We really want to take care of the fans and the competitors, as Gareth Reese put it. It will be an important event for the return of the sport.

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