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Elder Scrolls 6 and Fallout 5: Todd Howard Interview Summary

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According to Todd Howard, Elder Scrolls 6 will be the next Bethesda game and then Fallout 5 likely to release by 2050.

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In an interview published today by IGN with Bethesda Artistic Director Todd Howard, the latter spoke in more detail about the studio’s future plans. He then explained that after the release of Elder Scrolls 6, the studio would switch to developing Fallout 5, the new version of the popular post-apocalyptic RPG franchise. However, given Bethesda’s massive development time, we shouldn’t expect to be able to play one of these RPGs anytime soon.

Yes, Elder Scrolls 6 is in pre-production, and as you know, we’ll be making Fallout 5 next, so our roster has been pretty full for a while.

The studio’s plan would be to finish Starfield in 2023 and then begin development on the next Elder Scrolls game, Elder Scrolls 6, which is currently in pre-production. Only then will the studio focus on Fallout 5.

Todd Howard also mentioned other projects the team takes care of from time to time, but without dwelling on the topic. So we don’t know what kind of project it is or even if we’ll have the chance to play it someday.

Elder Scrolls 6 is a long time coming

Sheikh Scrolls 6 It was first officially announced during E3 2018 with a short trailer. Since this announcement, it has become radio silence compared to the new game of the series. In comparison, the last game in the main Fallout series, Fallout 4, was released in 2015, 7 years ago already.

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Todd Howard told IGN that he would like to be able to develop his games faster, but that there is a lot of work to be done developing games like Elder Scrolls and Fallout. That’s why fans have to wait many years between releases. But it is a necessary process to obtain an outcome that fans will be happy with.

They take a while, I hope they come out quicker, really. We try as hard as we can, but we want them to be as good as possible for everyone.

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