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Electric night looms in some areas

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Sunday, June 6, 2021 8:17 p.m. – Severe thunderstorms continued into the second part of the weekend. The Northwest in particular was in turmoil.

The county’s northwest will likely be the epicenter of electric action, starting this afternoon.

A particularly strong hive wreaked havoc from northern Ontario to the vicinity of Rouen-Noranda and Val d’Or early in the evening. Little circulation was also detected during this stormy turbulence, but no suitable cyclone was observed. The latter, after losing a few feathers, would continue on its course for part of the night.

Strong winds, heavy rain, and large hail are likely to occur in the heart of the storm. Caution will be required.

YVO radar

It is also possible to have a few cells in the north of Mauricie and in Nord-du-Québec during the evening and at night.

Thunderstorms on Sunday will be typical mass thunderstorms. It can be isolated or scattered, if formed.

towards a heat wave

Meanwhile, the heat is stabilizing in the county quarters. Temperatures will be high and humidity very hot throughout the day, giving a feel of 39 degrees in the southern part of the county. It will be the first day of a severe heat wave.

The worst day will undoubtedly be Monday, which will flirt with the feeling of 40. Mercury should return to seasonal standards for Thursday.

Thunder 5

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