Elizabeth May wants to return to lead the Canadian Green Party with a co-leader

OTTAWA – Elizabeth May is trying her luck once again to return to the presidency of the Canadian Green Party, but this time with a co-leader, sources within the political party confirmed.

The former Green Party leader is set to launch her leadership campaign on Wednesday in Sydney, British Columbia, with her co-candidate Jonathan Bidenault.

These two candidates are part of a short list of six candidates approved by the Greens in the race for the leadership of the political party, two sources familiar with the matter confirmed. These sources spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to discuss the situation publicly.

The list of candidates includes Sarah Gabriel Barron, who ran an independent against former Conservative leader Erin O’Toole in Durham, Ont., last year. There is also Simon Gnocchini-Messier, a federal civil servant who was the Green Party candidate in Hull-Aylmer, Quebec, in 2021.

The other two candidates, Anna Kennan and Chad Walcott, are also expected to enter the race together as co-candidates.

The Greens are expected to announce their new leadership by November. This person will take over from Amina Kutner, who took over the position on a temporary basis after the resignation of Anami Paul last year.

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