Elliot Desnoires: Team Canada’s Little Destroyer

In the military lexicon, a destroyer is a fast warship whose mission is to defend a group against all threats at sea. This mission can be transferred to Elliot Desnoyers’ mission at an ice rink.

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Of all the attributes of the striker wearing the Junior Team Canada jacket, one keeps coming back: his ability to put the team first and foremost.

In the language of the 19-year-old Quebecer, the Halifax Mooseheads in the Quebec Major Hockey League (QMJHL), protecting his teammate is paramount.

It is important not to read here that he does this with his fists. Rather, he accomplishes it by implementing details that allow others to shine.

“I’ve always been like this. I’m a guy who is disciplined in every way. I’m used to mastering every little thing on the ice. Usually coaches like that.”

surely. Canadian coach Dave Cameron praised his game, saying, “He’s the kind of responsible person who does exactly what is asked of him on the ice without leaving any doubt in his mind.”

fierce warrior

“He is always on top and shoveling. He does everything for the success of others. Assistant coach Louis Ropitel added that his ethics and commitment are impeccable. He is a fierce and intense warrior.”

In his debut at the Junior World Championships, Desnoyers led the fourth trio by spreading his energy. He accepts his role and wants to do it well.

“The team comes first. The talented striker joked: You can give me two minutes of ice by asking me to block the shot with my teeth, I will do it. I know my mom won’t be happy, but I will do it with the team anyway.”

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Definition of famous destroyer. With his speed, he must effectively defend and destroy enemy torpedo boats. It is an essential component of the guard forces.

In short, this 5’11’ center who has 36 points in QMJHL this season must excel in defending his territory, winning his encounters and creating offensive opportunities in this tournament. He’s already working and looking to do more until the gold medal match. Moreover, the icing on the cake is already imagining it.

Moayad Fili nickname

choose 5e A fan of the club called the Flyers Auction 2020 tour “The Terminator” on social media, during his first training camp.

Last September, he also showed he would stop at nothing by entering his first career fight against 30-year-old veteran John Moore in a warm-up match against the Boston Bruins.

It was only recently that he discovered the true mission of the warship. “I think it fits my style of play really well.”

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