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Emil Belloudeau: “Jungle of Capital” at “Star Académie”

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The third album, already recorded, will be released in September. The fourth to be born in the studio from May. A new song called “Capital Forest” will be christened on “Star Academy” on Sunday. Bike tour this summer. Emil Belludu clearly has a prolific confinement.

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On the phone, he is almost caught by Emil. He should be stopped and called to resume his explanations more slowly to ensure that nothing is lost from his portfolio. He bursts out laughing as he sums it all up.

“My third album will be called“ Petite nature. ”My second post (published in October 2019, Editor’s Note) was“ Ripe Greatness, ”and that would be the antithesis. We’ll be into something darker. We reserve my sense of humor, my frankness and my lovely young spirit, but when you pass A lonely year in the midst of a pandemic, don’t write “She laughs birds and the sun dances.” We are in “tones” of mental illness, weakness, and isolation … I think it will be my best album, but also my saddest!

Emil Belloudo believes that his song “Capital Forest”, which will be in the second song on the album “Petite Nature” and “Break” on TV on Sunday evening, is in the entirety of the composition. .

“This first excerpt is very revealing,” Emil explains. These are topics that are very close to what we experience, of what people my age are going through. It is a record setting right after the pandemic, for this battle between relaunching the economy and the environmental crisis, because we will reach the point of no return. It is a song that calls for the defense of nature, it is a hymn to the beauty of the world. It’s too tough for people who are earning money from the climate. The song gives a good initial taste of what the album will be like, with very emphasis on nature and animals. The cover is like a desert island. “

His fourth effort, Peludo currently has both hands. It will be titled “Alone Like an Adult”. The singer-songwriter will take over the production, devices and other related tasks, hence the image of the young man “as single as an adult”. He’ll shut himself up with his console in May and really think about lines of guitars, drums, guitars, and pianos.

Checkout date? This is about the one component of the word flow not identified by hyperactivity.

“It’s rare for songwriters to return to the studio before a new album is released, but I’ve been weird since the start of my career. So I’m trying to keep that streak!”

And Star Academy? “It’s nice” to go and perform there, cheering up at first, as his “elder spiritual brother,” Patrice Michaud, will find his “career model”.

Too busy with his design, Emil finds himself a “little pocket” because he hasn’t had much time to watch the season yet. This doesn’t go against the concept: Belludu was even one of the troupe of artists who added his voice to a 2020-style rereading “And It’s Not Over”, last fall. But his critical eye is never far away.

“You have to remember that on my first album, I had a song on the reality show, Passer à TV.” You have to be careful: Yes, reality TV does open the doors, but you have to ask yourself if men are not very comfortable opening their TV on Sundays rather than going to a theater not far from home. To discover the artists who fought for so long … ”

  • We’ll see Emil Belloudou on the “Star Académie” variety on Sunday, 7 pm, on TVA. For her news: emilebilodeau.ca.
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