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Emily Maynard, Shirley & Nicks on the set of Julie Snyder

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Show viewers Week 4 Julie On waves new Had the opportunity to attend Emily Maynard’s participation in the competition Blue talentWednesday, January 13th.

At 9:55 PM, host Julie Snyder announced the victory of the week over Emile Maynard. As part of the competition Blue talentEach week, two participants compete in their respective majors. Then the winner is chosen by the public by voting.


So Emily Maynard in the company of her dogs, Shirley and Nicks, delivered a 90-second title number. After her victory, it was confirmed that Mrs. Maynard would return to the show next March with her reaching the semi-finals.

This is not the first time that an animal training and psychology graduate has found herself in the spotlight. In addition to his participation in the show Animal On March 4th

Emily Maynard participated in many competitions. It ended at 12e Position in Nationals of American Championnat Disc It is competitive on a global scale, and was ranked 1st in Canada. Additionally, the Sainte-Justine-de-Newton resident has made over 50 shows in a few years.

“It’s really a passion for me,” says Emily Maynard. I have followed a large number of training courses and seminars that have allowed me to develop my experience and thus be able to work in different areas of the animal world. My methods are based on modern and scientifically validated conditioning and strengthening techniques. “

Ms. Maynard says she spends several hours a week training her dogs. Pandemic is committed, its services have been canceled. However, the owner Flying team He did not hesitate to go and put on many shows in CHSLDs to entertain the residents.

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