WestJet’s 737 MAXs will resume service Thursday

(Calgary) WestJet announced that it will operate the first commercial flight of the Boeing 737 MAX in Canada since the plane was allowed to resume its flight into the country’s airspace.

The Canadian Press

The airline said the flight will take off from Calgary on Thursday and land in Vancouver, where company executives will host a press event.

Effective January 22, WestJet intends to fly the 737 MAX three times per week between Calgary and Toronto.

The Boeing 737 MAX has been decommissioned in Canada for nearly two years, after two fatal accidents that investigators say were caused by a faulty sensor system.

The Canadian government lifted the flight ban on the MAX on January 20, after approving a number of changes to the aircraft’s design, including allowing pilots to turn off the warning system that would have played a central role in accidents.

737 Max pilots will also need to complete additional flight simulator training before they can pilot the aircraft in Canadian airspace.

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