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Justin Dupont in jaw jaw in Beachhahi

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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In Beachhay, Hawaii, a gironde surfer took an incredible wave. His performance, illustrated, is amazing.

Last november, I am astonished everyone in Nazareth. On Saturday, Justin Dupont did it again in Bayahy, on the island of Maui (Hawaii), where she tamed one of the world’s most legendary waves: the jaw. 29-year-old Girondin managed to surf for several seconds in a huge tube before heading out. The achievement video shows how big the water monster can be. Irony: She wrote on her Instagram account that her goal is “to achieve great success”. She herself did not expect to take such a wave.

To achieve the feat, Justin Dupont had to be towed on a jet ski by her partner Michelle Laronde. “Thank you Michelle Larronde a thousand times for having put it perfectly. Thank you Tyler Laronde Osman Choufani and Fred David for conditioning me well by telling me 1000X I was going. I’m just happy. Father and son Messieurs Larronde you are sacred legends !!!” she wrote humbly.

“Do I feel the ability and strength to go there?”

The heroine from Lacanau is one of the only women who takes such dangers on the water. “Everything is more: we are moving faster, the wave is stronger, the emotions are more intense, and the risks are more present. What is important is to prepare for it properly.” She told Paris Match in 2017. “In Portugal, in Nazareth, every wave is a special person. With all the work of analysis, I have to be able to anticipate them, capture them, and tame them. I have to ask myself the question every time: Do I feel empowered and resilient?”?

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Alone in these several-meter-long lists, “You really have the impression of life and learning about yourself,” Are you captured in another picture dedicated to it?. “That’s why I started surfing, for freedom and this insane connection to nature. I’m a” water woman “, it’s the connection to the ocean that I love, whether I’m in Lycra for 25 minutes in competition, in a big wave in Nazareth, or in a tube in Hossegor.” .

The video didn’t fail to wander around the world of the surfing community. Legends praised him massively for his performance.

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