Emmanuel Macron’s home stretching program


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Presidency 2022: Emmanuel Macron's Home Extension Program
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Friday, April 22, two days before the second round of the presidential election, Emmanuel Macron was heading to Figea, in Lot. Live reporter Guillaume Darrett explains the details of the president’s programme.

Emmanuel Macron has left Figeac directly for Le Touquet where he will be this evening and where he will spend the weekend at his family homeJournalist Guillaume Daret explains, live from Figea (Lote), where Emmanuel Macron held his last meeting, Friday, April 22, two days after the second round of the presidential election. The presidential candidate will vote in Le Touquet (Les – Calais) on Sunday 24 April, before returning to Paris.

In his office at the Elysee, surrounded by his closest advisers, he will wait for the first results of the second round of this presidential election.”, continues the journalist. At the same time, La République en Marche will organize an expanded commission in order to identify the linguistic elements of the political leaders who will intervene in the media.After eight in the evening, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, Emmanuel Macron must speak‘ concludes Guillaume Darrett.

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