England: Guedoura leaves Burton Albion

Algerian international Adlane Guedioura has officially terminated his contract with Albion Burton, the club he joined for free last February.

Seven weeks after signing His lease agreement with Albon Burton, Adlan Jedoura leaves her new collection. “ The club and the player have reached an agreement to end the friendly Coach Dino Maameriah announced. While he had initialed a contract that lasts until the end of the season.

The midfielder, who witnessed the Greens’ big disappointment against Cameroon in Blida, has not yet recovered from this failure, according to Dino Mameria. ” For Adlan, Algeria was eliminated from the World Cup and it hurts him a lot. continues. His family is in Qatar and we agreed to terminate his contract. The opportunity for him to find his loved ones.

It was fine for us for the short time it was there. He had quality both on and off the field, but we mutually agreed that the best way forward was to let him go. It was the right decision for both of us ‘, he finished.

Season of instability

Since leaving Al Gharafa last July and spending two seasons there, the 36-year-old midfielder has been unable to find a permanent home. He left the Qatari club to join Sheffield United, a member of the English Championship in which he played only two matches. Since both parties decided End the contract amicably, at the beginning of February.

After that, he decided to join MC Oran, before joining him Transfer aborted. Eager to compete in the play-offs with the Algerian team, Fenck is rushing back to England, a country he knows well, to join Albion Broughton. Nadi is leaving after a month and a half.

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Thus, Kaddoura left the ranks of the club, which is residing in the first league (the third degree of English) after four matches he played and scored two goals in 221 minutes of play.


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