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England – Matchday 20 – Tottenham – Liverpool goals

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England – Matchday 20

They are back. The Reds passed completely through the start of the year 2021, and they hit Tottenham Hotspur (1-3). Notes from the meeting.

Tottenham notes

Naughty Doherty 3

Left side, right side. Three central, four. Same pain, same remark. Matt Doherty struggled for 90 minutes. Tottenham’s team took the gravy against Mane and Salah in good shape tonight. The former Wolverhampton, who does not see much offensively, has been unable to find the measure to avoid the Reds’ numerous excesses. One wonders how Jose Mourinho didn’t leave the Irishman, completely in the pickup truck.

Loris 4

Rodon 3

Animal 4

Davies 3

Aourir 4 (Replaced at 46 by Winks, 4)

Ndombele 5

Hogberg 5

Doherty 3

Burgoyne 4

Son 4

Ken 6 (Replaced at 46 by Lamila, 3).

Liverpool Notes

Salah mine is not spears, 7

Mo is back! If he could not score his 20th goal this season or provide the assist, the Egyptian international has fought like hell at his side. Well in his legs, Mohamed Salah provoked and tried a lot against Tottenham. His rejected goal is just a slight drop in the middle of a meeting over stiffness. The former Basel undermined the Tottenham Hotspur keeper endlessly. The goodness of the great days.

Alison 6

Alexander Arnold 7

Matip 7 (Replaced by Phillips on the forty-sixth, 5)

Henderson 5

Robertson 6

Thiago Alcantara 6

Wijnaldum 6

Milner 6

Mane 8

Firmino 7

Match result: 14/20

Rule: Mother. Atkinson, 6.

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