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Entrepreneurs shun new police station project

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For the second time in a few months, I found a call for proposals from the municipality itself without a bid on Monday. The appeal was for the outer shell of the new building, which is estimated to cost $98.5 million.

In the spring, another call for bids, this time for doors, frames, and hardware, came to nothing. For BMS Director Jean Rochet, a regular on major projects, no one has heard of it.

I have many years of practice and this is the first time this has happened to meIt was announced, Monday, during a public committee meeting on the 2022 budget for Quebec City.

The future building will replace the existing Victoria Park Police Station. (Archives)

Photo: Radio Canada/Bruno Gigoire

Mr. Rochet, who led the construction of the runway and ice center, indicated that his department would return to the drawing board to prepare a new call for proposals.

We’ll hook up another estimate and then we’ll get back to bidding. In fact, what we want is to be attractive to as many entrepreneurs as possible so that they can bid on our calls for tenders.explained.

inevitable effects

The Director of the Buildings Management Division acknowledged that the reluctance of suppliers to the new police station could have an impact on the city’s ability to deliver the project within buildings. Costs and time limits.

We shouldn’t put our minds to the ground, there will certainly be potential issues with deadlines and costs, because every time we’re not able to move forward quickly, we want to move forward, inevitably, the schedule stretches and costs increase.Jean Rochet explained.

The manager mentioned that it’s too early to come up with any number for potential cost and deadline overruns. He expects to have a better idea of ​​the situation in February or March.

Construction work on the new police station began last June and is expected to be completed in November 2023.

Quebec City Police Service units are expected to gradually integrate the building from January 2024.

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