Envertdeurs do a routine cleaning in Témiscamingue

Participants focused on the trenches on Route 382 that connects Vail Marie to Blorineville.

This year, the amount of trash found was much less than in the past.

In addition to some used car accessories, attendees also came across disposable masks and takeaway containers.

What we found this year, since last year there have been a few, are the masks. Then the masks, which is amazing because we’re still on the main road. So a person has no reason to give up a mask on the road. There is no reason not to abandon it anywhere. But it is more understandable when you are in the city, but on the main road it is a bit boringsays Adele Beauregard, Envertdeurs member and Ville-Marie councillor.

What happens a lot also is the same all the time, the main product we pick up is what I call ready-to-eat and drink containers. Containers for sandwiches, but also fast food items. Coffee mugs, beer cans and water bottles. Ready-to-eat and ready-to-drink containers, there’s always plenty of themshe adds.

Next weekend, another chore will take place on the road between Lorrainville and Béarn.

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