Epsiloon, the science journal for “Science et Vie” alumni

Last October, Herve Bouriere, the former editor-in-chief of the magazine Science and lifeHe left the ship, nearly all the members of the editorial board followed. Because ? A deep disagreement with the methods of Reworld Media, the new owner of the title since 2019. If the adventure did not necessarily end well, it did not deprive the journalists of their desire to write. Herve Poirere, Mathilde Fontes, former head of the department at Science and life – The independent press group Unique Heritage Media decided to launch the magazine Epsilon.

Qualitative journalism

Ubuesque inventions, climatic phenomena, paleontology … the new publication – the first issue of which is due out at the end of June 2021 – will explore The world on all scales, from the infinitely smallest to the infinitely large, from the simplest phenomenon to the most complex, from the deepest subject to the lightest »Details of the press release from the magazine. The message is clear on his crowdfunding campaign page: Epsilon It will be a magazine that is committed, independent and demanding in terms of quality content.

A hundred scientists will be interviewed for each issue, preparing the new mediator. However, there is no question ‘ They are playing teachers With the reader, but only to give him good information so that he can form his own opinion.

Make the flag attractive

To reach as many people as possible and to democratize access to science, the journal Epsilon Also based on its graphics and design. Her model will be more accurate “, To return” Stories in the foreground “, And the” more developed “And the” Moving About that Science and lifeMathilde Fontes confirmed to AFP. Hence, color and computer graphics will be in place and in the service of science to make explanations more clear.

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Each issue – distributed monthly – will contain around 100 pages and will sell for € 4.90. During the crowdfunding campaign on Ulule, subscriptions, from 6 months to 2 years, are offered at preferential rates. Count 28 euros for 6 months, 50 euros for a year and 95 euros for two years. Success is already there. After 24 hours, the target of 1,500 pre-sales has already been largely exceeded.

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