Eric Stahl doesn’t just disappoint, he’s invisible

When it became known that the Canadians had gotten their hands on veteran Eric Stahl via trade, everyone thought the latter would be a very good addition to depth for the team, especially after the team injured Brendan Gallagher.

The arrival of Eric Stahl sparked a lot of excitement, and the Hollywood story surrounding his first game set the bar higher. In fact, the 35-year-old won CH, for the first time in overtime, by firing a perfect shot from the top of confrontation circles to shut down the debate against Edmonton Oilers.

After this fairy tale, we were expecting Corey Perry 2.0, the one that works very well with the CH of a 35-year-old fighter signed for the minimum wage.

However, since this feat, Staal has been completely invisible. The goal that allowed him to be seen as a champion marks his only point in eight matches with Blue and White Red. Its only use now is to win some matches from time to time.

Is it too early to flag this trade as a failure? No, but it’s getting late. It is clear that CH’s recent difficulties are not due to the disappearance of Staal, far from it, but it still has to produce on a more regular basis, or simply demonstrate its presence. In fact, what is being criticized at Staal is not his production, but rather his poor performance in general. It always looks like he’s behind the disc, and he’s having a hard time holding it or doing good gameplay when he has it, so it’s really not easy to watch.

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Moreover, what makes Staal so central to the discussions is the depth of Canadians. In fact, given all the depth the CH has in offense as well as in defense, wouldn’t there be someone else who would do more than fill the shirt? I’m thinking here, among others, of Jake Evans who has pulled out of CH coaching for the last three matches. The 24-year-old is sure to add more to the roster than Staal, as well as gain more and more experience for the future.

So, it’s good and real to be midnight for the 35-year-old veteran if he wants to keep his spot on the list. They were already enough games that we can no longer use the new team excuse and the new game system.

Hopefully, Stahl will find a way to recover, and he’s the one who has done so a lot in his career.

a lot of

Zdeno Chara is out of the first list.

We have to be patient with Alexis Lafrenière in the Rangers.

Stefanos Tsitsipas is crowned champion of the 2021 edition of Monte Carlo Masters.

– Notes on the impressive introduction to CF Montreal yesterday.

Some good news for Laval in Wednesday’s game.

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