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Eric Stahl skates on Sunday after leaving quarantine

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This morning, My colleague Maxime Truman has written about the length of Eric Stahl’s quarantine. He said his quarantine period will end on Sunday, but the latter will have to train early Monday.

why? Because Dominic Ducharme’s men are not planning this Sunday to train. carry.

But that wouldn’t stop Stahl from skiing on Sundays.

According to the words of the manager in question, starting Sunday, he will be able to skateboarding to unlock the legs of a week of quarantine.

There was some confusion about this. The NHL websiteWhere did this information come from, first suggest that the main interested party go skiing with the others on Sunday. Everything has changed and the tweet related to the original news has been deleted.

But good. All this to say that Stal will finally ski alone on Sunday before training with his teammates on Monday.

why? There are two reasons that come to mind. First, he’ll untangle his legs. Secondly? In the second week of quarantine, he can only go to work. To get him out, CH can’t order him to go to Mount Royal: he has to go to the ring.

Because even then there is nothing he can do but rest in his room. He might talk about plans to play with the coaches or ride a stationary bike, but the truth remains that he undoubtedly finds the long time and going out will benefit him.

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He also watches how CH plays. I also like Tuesday’s game against Oilers.

With a reason. It’s a lot better than Sabers, after all.

Remember that very soon Joel Jeremiah will be able to exit. Then there is Staal and Cole Caufield.

a lot of

– Ok I’m.

– Certainly.

Things are so bad at Buffalo that even the former players don’t have anything good to say. 😬

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