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Erin O’Toole remains elusive over plan to return to balanced budgets | Canada elections 2021

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At a press conference to announce her commitments regarding infrastructure, Erin O’Toole confirmed her intention to do so receipt [la marchandise]Not like Mr. Trudeau with nice words.

In other words, the Conservative Party leader intends to take action. He has already pledged to balance the budget in 10 years without cuts, achieve economic growth of 3% or more annually and restore jobs lost during the COVID-19 health crisis.

But although the party presented its platform to Canadians at the start of the election campaign, the cost of the promises remains unknown to this day, due to the lack of a financial framework.

A detail that is far from trivial, considering that the Conservatives are campaigning for the country’s economic recovery, in the wake of the pandemic.

Wednesday, the unveiling of the Canadian Liberal Party platform, whose promises have been encrypted, came to increase pressure on the Conservatives.

Pressed to advance his vision of the country’s economic recovery, O’Toole reiterated that he would take one approach at a time. discreet And disciplined To ensure 3% annual growth and rebalance the budget.

If this goal is not achieved, where will the conservatives go? Erin O’Toole’s only answer was that the goal will be accessedAvoid any scenario in which the promise is not fulfilled.

Although the Conservative platform has billions of dollars in spending, O’Toole said the party has set these goals based not only on economic growth forecasts, which will save Ottawa’s coffers, but also on Expense control.

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The Conservative Party leader declined to answer many questions from journalists who asked him where he intends to make budget cuts.

On the eighteenth day of the campaign, the leader PCC He had no history to disclose to publish a financial framework.

In 2021, the deficit jumped to $354 billion, or more than 16% of GDP – debt. unsustainable Which the Conservative Party wants to spare for future generations, he said.

We have a post-epidemic recovery planAnd Action oriented to, just repeat Mr. O’Toole, waving at him recovery plan in canada.

Promises “recycled”

In contrast, the liberal leader’s plan is one of Recycled PromisesMr. O’Toole said.

According to the Conservative Party leader, when it comes time to go to the polls, Canadians will remember Justin Trudeau’s pre-pandemic tally, which was particularly marked by: big deficit And tax increase.

Let’s get it right: Erin O’Toole can say whatever he wants. If it doesn’t show any numbers, why do Canadians believe it? The Liberal leader responded Wednesday.

The Conservative Party leader said that the platform PCC It has been submitted to the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO), and will be submitted Update when the PBO gives us its confirmation.

During the election campaign, he was DPB An evaluation of the cost of bids is requested at the request of the parties. However, it does not comment on the budget balance expected by training.

The Liberals have promised to invest $78 billion over five years, delaying a return to balanced budgets. However, they predict that the debt-to-GDP ratio will fall by 2% by 2025-2026.

Billions of dollars for infrastructure

The Conservative trailer was in Ottawa on Wednesday. President PCC declared his intention to Starting Major infrastructure projects to accelerate job creation.

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More roads, more rail, more public transport: Mr. O’Toole plans to invest Billions of dollars in major projects, such as the third Quebec-Levis link.

Unlike the Liberals, we will not impose conditions on financing. We will not ask that the project be a “green infrastructure”The Conservative Party leader said.

We will ensure that infrastructure financing increases our economic recovery, he added.

The party also promised to build a 5G mobile telecommunications network — and not hand over the contract to China’s Huawei, whose chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Vancouver in December 2018.

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