This dentist makes a fuss with a great challenge –

This is a fan of the dentist video games He presents his patients with an amazing challenge: beat him up in video games for a free consultation.

For most people, a visit to the dentist is rarely an enjoyable time. Practitioners are also well aware that their patients do not have a good time, which is why some do their best to make these unpleasant visits more pleasant.

Dr. Shah, a dentist who works near Ashland, Massachusetts, has a unique technique for calming his patients. In fact, the latter is also a passionate Super Smash Bros. player. Final…and there’s no shortage of a good chance to prove it!

In a video posted on the YouTube channel of his healthcare center, A. Shah netizens:

Can you beat me on Smash? Come face me 1 on 1. If you win, you will be entitled to a free dental cleaning. If you lose, you must tell the world that you lost to a dentist!

The video quickly gained momentum on Reddit as many netizens enjoyed this challenge which was as surprising as it was fun. Plus, this isn’t the first time this dentist has shared his love for the brawler Super Smash Bros. climax. A few weeks ago, A. Shah was already organizing a tournament in the same game in his clinic.

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The winner gets a $250 Amazon gift card, a toothbrush, and a free visit to the dentist

To spread his passion for video games even further, Dr. Shah decided to give counseling rooms some makeover. Thus, patients will be able to search for their queens in full immersion in the world of Final Fantasy, Zelda or Tales Of saga.

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Unfortunately, the story doesn’t tell whether Dr. Shah was undefeated on Smash or if he had to offer free care to many patients. But if one thing is for sure, it’s that guys in Massachusetts now know where to go to add a touch of fun to their dental care.

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