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Eurostar ride under the half-empty canal. Travelers go through customs formalities

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According to Eurostar, there is a significant lack of connections between London, Pennsylvania and Brussels, or the train is by far the most environmentally friendly way of international travel. However, since Brexit, British passports must be specially stamped, even for travelers passing through electronic gates. The information was brought in by the British portal Watchman.

The carrier has now warned that passengers must arrive at the airport 90 minutes before the departure of some Eurostar flights. The demand for trains is overwhelming, but we can’t fit all the passengers, admitted the company’s executive editor, Gwendolyn Kazinaphoff. She added that due to the current situation, Covid would kill me, or that international travel was limited. She added that at that time, we had to drastically reduce the number of Border Police officers in Baa-Nord and St Pancras and, unfortunately, under the current rules we now have to stamp all British passports.

After Brexit, one in eight trains will travel through the Eurotunnel. And lead empty

The new rule now requires passengers to ask passengers what they are going to do in the UK, for example, just like when checking in for a flight. It will take about an hour, dear manager. Cazenave identified capacity problems on the roads as this mode of transportation’s greatest weakness. Eurostar trains are now only able to offer 70 per cent capacity compared to pre-Brexit and Covid times.

Customs officials need large capital cities

When the train departs from Amsterdam, only 250 seats can be occupied, or the controls need space for their work. Cazenafov said that the journey from London to the Dutch capital is one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Demand for train travel is now at its peak in the UK. Compared to 2019, business travelers have also boarded the train. She added that it was unfortunate that due to a lack of space at the check-in points, we could not provide more tickets.

According to the carrier, the biggest problems are with the five early morning Eurostar connections. In order to prevent further damage, the carrier has limited the number of passengers on the lines for the rest of the day as well. Involuntarily, we became experts on the limited space on trains, says the company’s business editor, Fran├žois Le Doze. He said that travelers who want to travel in an environmentally friendly way will certainly be able to travel. It’s like organic food, add.

From London to Berlin, and then to Prague. Europe is preparing to connect new railways

The situation with trains down the Channel is likely to go from bad to worse in the future, once the planned entry and exit system for passengers from the European Union and other countries, including the UK, comes into effect. This has now been delayed until at least the end of 2023, Eurostar’s Cazenafov said. This order is put off in the air, but it is clear to him that the method has led to complications.

Eurostar recently introduced a new logo following the Polish merger with Franco-Belgian high-speed carrier Thalys. In doing so, it confirmed its ambition to increase the number of passengers handled on its trains to 30 million by 2030. In 2019, the two companies together carried 19 million of them.

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From January 2023, Eurostar will simplify the booking system as much as possible, making it easier to purchase tickets and connecting flights between London and the continent online. UK travelers will be able to purchase Eurostar tickets to German destinations including Cologne and Dortmund through Brussels Transfer, according to The Guardian.

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