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Ten Up and Coming NFL Stars to Watch

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The NFL gets better each year. One reason, besides the pace of the sport and the almighty upsets that take place on the grid, is the rise of up-and-coming players. These fresh new talents make the league increasingly competitive. Seeing their impact on their team in the course of the season is refreshing.

It also makes it interesting for fans of betting on the NFL. If they understand the game and the potential impact of players on teams well enough, they can evaluate the latest NFL odds and make predictions. This post looks at 10 of the best up-and-coming stars in the NFL.

Pete Werner (Linebacker, New Orleans Saints)

Some think the Saints need a total overhaul, but there’s one player who’s sure to be a hit: Pete Werner. The line backer is bulky, and his coverage skills are subtle but strong. He’s athletic and can make plays on the ball, and he has an effective habit of corralling in running backs.

Micah Parsons (Defensive End, Dallas Cowboys)

The Dallas Cowboys have something special in Micah Parsons, who has switched from middle linebacker to defensive end. He’s basically a menace in this position and possesses an explosive running speed and ball pursuit. He terrorizes quarterbacks and other offensive players with sacks, and has a special talent for rushing that gives the team real flexibility in how to use him, making him a tactical nightmare for opposing team coaches.

Justin Jefferson (Wide Receiver, Minnesota Vikings)

Justin Jefferson is a great source of support for quarterbacks and can dominate games. His hands are quick and good at handling the ball, he can make contested catches and his body movements are fluid. Although he has decent speed, he must work on his route running a little, but that’s okay. Any team looking for a good inside/outside possession receiver will see the potential in him.

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Ernest Jones (Linebacker, LA Rams)

Jones has had the luxury of playing alongside Aaron Donald but has gone relatively unnoticed amongst all the talent on the team. He has an inner toughness and field IQ that compensate a slight lack of athleticism and speed that don’t stop him from handling the physical demands of his position. Jones can also diagnose blocking schemes and find runners between the tackles.

Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, Linebacker, Cleveland Browns

Jeremiah Owuse-Koramoah is lightning fast as a second-level defender and his instincts are equally as quick. Although he lacks a certain size, he’s versatile and can change games. He controls the outside running game, and he’s not afraid to take risks, which can lead to big plays. His athletic ability allows him to cover players in a range of positions and he has amazing rush capabilities, making a real wild card in any line up.

Gabe Davis, Wide Receiver, Buffalo Bills

Gabe Davis is productive in offense, creating big play opportunities, and is a major threat on the sidelines. He has a talent for creating space, long and short, and his high-point talent, build-up speed and ball tracking skills have a major impact on the success rate of quarterback throws for the better. His size and downfield talent will take him far.

Tristan Wirfs, Offensive tackle, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tristan Wirfs is an aggressive run blocker and has major core strength. He thrives in the outside zone and moves smoothly, but needs to work on his inside game a little to go further in the NFL. His agility isn’t as good but it’s adequate. He might look more like a guard, but he’s, without doubt, an elite athlete.

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Justin Herbert, Quarterback, LA Chargers

Justin Herbert is one of the most confident quarterbacks out there. He’s a talented, elite player, has the arm power and drive to put pressure on defenses, and frustrates offenses with protection throws. He scans the entire field and can make the right read to either throw the ball from the pocket or on the move. Generating ‘Wow!’ plays aren’t really his thing, but he’s incredibly reliable.

Trey Lance, Quarterback, 49ers

Trey Lance is a highly savvy quarterback, but needs to improve his playmaking game to sparkle, which he’s likely to do. Physically, he’s impressive, and he makes it his priority to take care of the football and not be reckless with possession. He sets his own protections and reads the field well. Some say he needs to take more risks. He will, with time.

Elijah Moore, Wide Receiver, New York Jets

Elijah Moore carries a cool head on his young shoulders. He’s not big, but he’s strong, tough and extremely competitive. He has reliable hands, good ball skills and a fabulous spatial awareness that allows him to hit the sweet spot when working against zone. His athleticism should see him go far.

The NFL has some massively promising players entering its ranks. Other players you might wish to keep an eye on include Josh Palmer (wide receiver, LA Chargers) and Javonte Williams (running back, Denver Broncos).

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