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Evelyn Heyer and Matthew Burnett, winners of the La Science se livre . Awards

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Jury Prize

epic genes Evelyn Heyer, in collaboration with Xavier Muller, Flamarion

Genes have been a great time machine since we were able to not only make DNA for Sabines The present, but also the present of our distant ancestors. Sharing with us the latest lab results as well as her adventures in the field, Evelyn Hayer unveils a story that seemed forever inaccessible: the story of human adventure. Or how the species, which split off from chimpanzees barely 7 million years ago, was able to conquer the planet.
Evelyn Heyer She is a professor of genetic anthropology at the National Museum of Natural History where she conducts research on genetic evolution and the diversity of our species. She also does field work in Central Asia and Central Africa and has published more than 100 scholarly articles. She is also heavily involved in the Musée de l’Homme renovation project, for which she serves as its general scientific curator.
Xavier Muller Author and science journalist.

Teen Award

Underground, Matthew Burnett, Marc-Andre Silos and Dargod

After thousands of years of ruling the underworld, the god of the underworld decided to pass the torch. Its goal: to educate people living on the surface of the earth about the importance and true richness of soil. But Hades is not an altar boy and does not intend to leave the keys to his kingdom to the first comer! Among the candidates to succeed him, Susan and Tom embark on a race for knowledge that takes the form of tests as useful as they are deadly. Only one will win these games: the one who will be able to see beyond the prejudices and understand the real issues of this invisible world…
He was born in 1984 in Brussels, Matthew Burnett She, very young, is drawn to the graphic arts. As a teenager, he participated in a group workshop for animated films, Zorobabel. In 2007, he obtained a license in industrial design from the National School of Visual Arts in La Cumbre. Marc-Andre Silos is the team leader for plant-fungal interactions and evolution at the National Museum of Natural History – ISYEB

business in competition
For the 2022 Science Prize, the jury was able to decide on the selection below:
Teen Awards
Matthew Burnett and Marc-Andre Silos, Underground, Dargod / Christian Dorion, Darwin’s rival: Alfred Russell Wallace and the theory of evolution Delachaux and Nestle Jothan / Laure Garncher, In search of the forgotten AmazonDelcourt/Annabelle Kremer-LeCointre, women of science, La Martiniere / Marc ter Horst and Wendy Banders, Palm trees in the Arctic? The funny story of climate changeMilan
Jury Prize
> Evelyne Heyer in collaboration with Xavier Müller, epic genesFlamarion / Jean-Michel Mazen dinosaur stories, Kurti / Mark Miodonic, The secret life of materials, Quandt / Christian Molick and Xavier Muller, Following the migration of birds, Donod / Ludovic Orlando , fossil dna, time machine, Odell Jacob

Science delivers awards Shedding light on scientific works directed to young people and adults for their originality and the qualities of imparting knowledge to the general public. The goals are multiple: democratize knowledge to promote understanding of the world by all, attract young people to careers in research and support publishing, book series, and scholarly authors. The award is divided into three categories “(Jury Prize”, “Teen Prize”, “General Prize”) which receives an endowment of 3500 EUR all. The event as well as the various literary prizes are funded by the department.
A “Teenage Award” will be presented to each faculty in the department for its Center for Documentation and Information (CDI).

“Prix du Public” will be revealed on February 17th.
The jury, made up of fifty volunteer readers, also named their favorite book out of the following three books:
> Evelyne Heyer in collaboration with Xavier Müller, epic genesFlamarion
> Mark Miodonic, The secret life of materials, how many
> Christian Molick and Xavier Muller, Following the migration of birdsDonod

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