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Big Brother covid and star epidemic

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The Omicron variant continues to hit the two biggest hits located in Quebec. After comedian Eddie King, five other contestants from Celebrity Big Brother -Out of a total of 17 – COVID-19 has been detected, forcing production to rearrange the home studio to separate the sick from the rest of the healthy players, well-connected sources tell me.

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The six cases of COVID-19 within the cast Celebrity Big Brother But de Nouveau did not prevent continued filming in a warehouse in Anjou, east of the island of Montreal, I was told. The five seats are Martin Vachon, Michele DeRochers (my favourite), Lisan Richard, Valerie Carpentier and Stephanie Harvey.

Next to star AcademySunday’s first gala has been postponed for another week, because six academics were announced infected with COVID-19 at the start of the week, bringing the number of infected contestants in a group that has 19. It’s starting to show up to ten. Herd immunity.

According to my information, the manager Star AC, Lara Fabian, would have fallen ill, too, something that her press officer, Junior Bombardier, has neither confirmed nor denied. The popular talent show’s first Sunday party is now scheduled for January 30th at 7pm. With the strict measures taken since the outbreak and the number of candidates who have already contracted COVID-19, TVA said in a press release, “this is unlikely to require an additional delay.”

Déferlantes producers Jean-Philippe Dion and Benoit Clermont, as well as TVA management, declined interview requests on Wednesday. The one-week trip from star Academy cost millions, revealed Jean-Philippe Dion, on Monday evening, during his appearance on a special program for the tower by Patrick Howard.

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Refer to the Celebrity Big BrotherThe increase in cases has split the game into two factions: the covids, who have moved into the master’s bedroom with the bathroom next door, and the negatives, who develop in the rest of the home studio. The two groups do not mix. You’ll see this clear division – and the application of new health rules – in an episode Celebrity Big Brother Novo will be moved on Thursday at 6:30 pm.

It is clear that the injured participant always has the possibility, like comedian Eddie King, to move to the hotel and return to health without incurring a penalty.

However, the five people infected with COVID-19 chose to lock themselves in front of the cameras in their quarantine dormitory. All of them are fine.

According to Noovo Channel, the 17 titles in Celebrity Big Brother They were adequately vaccinated, and COVID-19 was mostly caught “before filming began.”

Eddie King is kind of patient zero Celebrity Big Brother. The 39-year-old comedian was the first to show symptoms, including a high fever, days after appearing on Noovo’s reality show.

According to his manager, Francois Simard, Eddy “followed all directions” of the isolation protocol requested by the producers. Celebrity Big Brother. He has no idea where and how his client was infected. Honestly, we won’t know for sure.

Photo from the Facebook page on the gallery

Director star Academy, Lara Fabian, with teachers, Glenn Tremblay and Gregory Charles

Unlike singers star Academy, who have been locked in the hotel for more than two weeks, quarantined my players Celebrity Big Brother It was less military, let’s say. However, the contestants underwent several auditions before host Mary May opened the doors to the show for them. And only Stefan Valo received a positive result.

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star Academy And Celebrity Big Brother They are huge machines that are really difficult to operate in normal times. Now imagine all the chaos that COVID-19 has caused in these groups.

It is an endless puzzle. It is Damocles’ sword permanently hung above the heads of both production teams.

Moreover, it is almost a miracle that it spread Celebrity Big Brother Omicron’s virulence has not been stopped. Reality Noovo now works in two sealed bubbles. There’s Martin Vachon, Michel DeRochers, Valerie Carpentier, Lysanne Richard, and Stephanie Harvey who camp in the recycled president’s room at a sanatorium. There are 11 others who survived the virus attack.

Rest assured, competitors’ health is put at the center of decisions, for good reason. However, we will not send a member of Comic Guys or The Avengers to the hospital for vetoing.

Now, it seems clear to me that the “disease” will promote the creation of alliances and disintegrate others. This is an unprecedented medical transformation, which fits perfectly with this unrealistic start to the year we are going through. Nothing seems to surprise me today… other than the victory of Valerie Carpentier. That would be science fiction.

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