Exceldor: Jean Boulet excludes the use of a special law

My patience has already reached the end of his rope, drop the minister into a microphone first hour In Quebec, where he made no secret of his indignation at the food waste caused by the conflict.

After appointing a conciliator at the end of March and special mediator Helen Boleyn on 4 June in order to break the deadlock, Jean Boulet admits his impatience with the slow progress being made. However, the minister says he still has confidence in the ongoing mediation process who is not finishedI insist on remembering.

The special medium has additional compressive strength. It encourages the parties to embark on the process of finding a solution. As long as there is progress, even if it is a small one, we must continue to trust it. But it ends. Quebecers’ patience is not bad at the end of its limits حدود, Saucepan.

The Minister of Labor wants a quick end to the conflict, which is entering its fifth week and still making headlines due to its condemnation of the euthanasia of chickens.

I expect this to stabilize in the next few days. Otherwise, we will have to do more thought and make other necessary decisions, taking into account how things are going.

Quote from:Jean Boulet, Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Solidarity

The labor dispute at the Exceldor factory in Saint-Anselme is entering its fifth week.

Photo: Radio Canada/Carl Boivin

Among these decisions, recourse to a private law is not envisaged at the moment, since it is a private dispute and there is no obligation to maintain basic services.

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There is an agreed arbitration or private law, but that’s not what I expect at this point. I say, “Negotiate or let me appoint an arbitrator.” Once an arbitrator is appointed, that ends the dispute. So this can be done tomorrow morning, if the parties work together and really want to settleThe minister thought.

Jean Boulet contemplates none of the idea of ​​imposing arbitration, which, in his opinion, amounts to recourse to a private law.

Its imposition is what requires a special law. Ending the strike, ordering a return to work, and imposing an arbitrator to resolve the dispute. Once again, we are faced with a particular struggle which is not a desirable outcome in a case of this nature.

Thousands of chickens have been killed every day since the labor feud began in Exceldor.

Thousands of chickens have been killed every day since the labor feud began in Exceldor.

Photo: iStock / Ksenia Raykova

Bipolar monopoly feeds thought

Like many Quebeckers, the minister questions the monopoly of two large companies, Olymel and Exceldor, in this sector of activity.

Certainly there are some ideas to be made. This is not the first labor dispute in the food processing sector. But there is a really special context. But this worries me. I constantly discuss this with my colleagues.

But I have to stay confident at this point. The parties must be responsible. And they are aware of the ramifications of this conflict, not only economically, but humanly and socially. They must put an end to it. They are the ones who hold the key to resolving the predicament we are in.

Quote from:Jean Boulet, Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Solidarity

One thing is for sure, and that is that Jean Boulet has tired of seeing tens of thousands of chickens euthanized every day since the conflict began.

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Like all Quebecers, food scraps also shock me. It annoys me a little. This is not acceptable in the current context. There is famine all over the world. We must not accept that. Euthanasia of chickens and the resulting waste. The two parties must negotiate and reach an agreement. It is up to them in the process.

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