Excelia Business School and Institute of Business Science jointly launched the DBA program

DBA School of Business and Business Science will open for Tourism and Hospitality Management at the beginning of the next academic year. Designed for managers in the sector with very advanced professional experience, this program benefits from the extremely high-level expertise of both partners. One of its main strengths is the combination of an exceptional quality teaching staff capable of responding to the most diverse issues of future PhD students.

DBA, 4-year program for managers with experience in the tourism sector

The DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) is aimed at managers with an MBA (or equivalent diploma) and with broad professional experience. While it leads to the highest academic level, this research doctorate has the specificity of engaging participants in producing management recommendations for the company. PhD directors integrate the program with their own research topic applied to the company. Dedicated to tourism and hotel management, the DBA program launched by Excelia Business School and the Institute of Business Science is aimed at managers with expertise in this sector who wish to reflect on their management practices and participate in the applied research process. The program will begin at the beginning of the academic year in September 2021.

A course that benefits from the combined expertise of both Excelia Business School and the Institute of Business Science

The DBA for Tourism and Hospitality jointly created by Excelia Business School and the Institute of Business Science relies on the complementarity of the expertise of each of the partners:

  • For Institute of Business Science: Its extensive software engineering experience in DBA for managers and the level of quality provided, as it is AMBA accredited. DBA from the Institute of Business Science is supported by nearly a hundred recognized educators and researchers in Management Sciences. Since its inception in 2013, 80 theses have been defended and 30 books have been published.
  • For Excelia Business School: its academic distinction as a tripartite accredited school and its expertise in the field of tourism management, which constitute one of the three areas of specialized research that is internationally recognized. Excelia School of Tourism and Hospitality is also the only French school accredited by the World Tourism Organization and the United Nations [1].
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The strategic convergence of both partners

The realization of this new program is the result of a strategic convergence between the two partners:

  • For Excelia Business School, which offers a wide range of general and sectoral programs, from Bac + 3 level to Bac + 5 level, the goal is to enrich the scope of training with the highest degrees of academic excellence. The aim is also to disseminate and participate in the impact of groundbreaking research produced by 15 teachers – researchers from Excelia Business School in the field of Tourism and Hotel Management.
  • For the Institute of Business Sciences, which established the General DBA Program in 2013, the goal is to provide an objective variation of its DBA view, with the goal of responding to sectoral issues and creating new knowledge to provide innovative responses.

Excelia Business School has many assets to launch a program like DBA, dedicated to tourism and hotel management: its academic distinction, as particularly evidenced by its triple crown, a pioneering research team that is internationally recognized and established in the heart of attractive tourist destinations that constitute a wonderful area of ​​experience. The partnership with the Institute of Business Sciences allows us to provide an exceptional faculty capable of responding to the most diverse problems of PhD students. Bruno Neal, CEO of Excelia.

Depuis 2013, le Business Science Institute propose un program DBA, aujourd’hui accrédité AMBA, qui se distingue par l’excellence de son corps enseignant et la qualité de son suivi doctoral, ce qui lui permet de nouer des partenariats avec des institutions de très high level. It is therefore natural that we have turned to Excelia Business School to develop a sectoral program that meets the needs of experienced managers in the tourism and hospitality sectors. Our ambition is to contribute to the creation of knowledge in a sector where the needs for new thinking are essential and must be based on both managers and experienced academics. Michelle Kalika, President of the Institute of Business Sciences.

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The main research axes of the teacher-researchers

du Tourism Management Institute d’Excelia Business School

  • Destination governance, management and marketing
  • The role of tourism in economic development
  • Management and marketing of companies and tourism events
  • Changes in tourism markets and consumer behavior
  • Human resource training
  • Impact of future technologies
  • Responsible tourism

About Exelia
Founded in 1988, Excelia is one of the leading French higher education groups, located in La Rochelle, Tours and Orléans. Strongly established in its territory and on an international scale, it consists of 5 schools: Excelia Business School, Excelia School of Tourism and Hospitality, Excelia Digital School, Excelia Academy and Excelia Executive Education. It has 4,600 students and a network of 40,000 alumni. Marks and Credits: EESPIG, AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA and EFMD certified ; Tcwal in the field of tourism.

About the Institute of Business Sciences
Founded in 2013, the Institute of Business Sciences is an interconnected, not-for-profit international academic organization that offers one program: the Executive Doctorate in Business Administration. The program currently houses around 200 PhD students – principals from more than 40 countries and mobilizes over 100 professors from major universities and schools. It is AMBA accredited and recognized internationally by Dubai DBA classification. The Institute of Business Sciences has published around thirty books on DBA, half of which are written by professors and the other half by their doctors.

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