Exhibition “All athletes!” In the science forum, tested by young Villeneuve

Gabriel, 14, holds the torch and let’s go bosom! Before passing the stick to his comrades…” If all visitors take turns, the goal is that the total distance traveled equals the distance traveled around the worldGabriel explains, breathless. That’s a lot ! But with so many visitors, it might be possible… »

with some of him Fellows of Simone-de-Beauvoir College in Villeneuve-d’Ascq, little boy test Exhibition “All Athletes!”, From the Science Forum section. ” Return to the link between sports and science, in a slightly reinvented decathlon “,” explains Kelly Liquier, the scientific and cultural mediator.

“it is fun! ”

If Luiz performs well to stop the balls in front of the handball goals; Melanie has a harder time balancing on an unstable board… in ten experiments, which also discuss food or mental images for example, visitors experience the connections between sports and science in a concrete way.

“We learn a lot of things” and “We have a good time!”

Louise, Gabriel, Charlotte, Melanie and Sarah are students at Simone-de-Beauvoir College, where they are part of the media club L’Âge des passions.

« it is fun. We learn better through practice, with explanations side by sideSarah loves. It’s fun to do, we have a lot of fun! »« It’s fun and we learn a lot of things! We do not necessarily say that sport is closely related to science Gabriel concludes.

During holidays, from Tuesday to Sunday from 2:30 pm to 4 pm, by reservation, 03 59 73 96 00. 6 € / free for those under 26 years old.


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