Super Rush”, a chaotic and frantic golf game, on Switch

How to abuse one of the most meditative and relaxing exercises? Mario Golf Super Rush takes on the challenge with a tough showdown. Fun for many, limited if you play alone. From the age of 8 years.

The love affair between the undisputed Nintendo Ambassador and Golf is nothing new. You have to go back to the mid-1980s to find traces of its first casual ups and downs. But at the end of the last century his golf career was formalized Mario Golf On the Nintendo 64, the bearer of an arcade game philosophy is assertive albeit impeccable in its controls.

Two decades and a few more entries after that, Mario He puts his can of sharp batons on the floor Nintendo Switch at super rush, The last episode so far. And he seems determined to trade off the competition as muted as much as it is thrown for the toughest showdown in which all low hits are allowed, as booby traps. A bit as if he had kept his reflexes from the old handsome and not the outspoken of his collar Mario Kart. shocking.

rare moment of calm Mario Golf: Super Rush.

Camelot / Nintendo

everything goes

If traditional golf is still possible among the many rules of the game it offers, Mario Golf Super Rush He sacrificed some important variables in touch to make other modes focused on break and chaos possible. super rush, The subtitle perfectly sums up this new trend: figuring out how to juggle minimal preparation before opening your swing and then launching yourself to the ground on a frantic path toward your ball’s landing point.

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Because we are not alone in the starting lead: the other competitors are also in the starting blocks and the victory will go to whoever knows how to put his ball into the green hole as fast as possible while respecting the “balance”, the maximum number of strokes allowed in the course so that penalties are not carried out. Even if it’s really annoying, like using special powers to deflect an opponent’s ball in the most sneaky way.

Moreover, the “Adventure” mode, designed in the style of a rather cute Japanese role-playing game with our avatar stats to inflate, allows you to get acquainted with the devious rules of “golf speed” and “battle” for ten hours of golf “in the world Open or ‘country golf course’ with weather and harsh microclimate mitigating. Chaotic as possible, these game modes are basically cut to turn the living room upside down in local multiplayer in a good festive mood. However, they proved to be limited to the single parts Fast. Like him Super Rush who, due to casting his slow hair into madness, forgets to convey the inner excitement of golf’s own outstanding moment.

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