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Experts say the flu can be more worrying in the winter

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In Europe, winter and cold temperatures have come with their share of colds and flu. Only in recent years, cases of influenza experienced a sharp decrease, mainly due, according to experts, to the confinement and other restrictive measures that prevailed throughout the country.Europe. But those measures are starting to be lifted everywhere, as the COVID-19 vaccination campaigns progress. However, influenza that has been swept into the background could claim more victims this winter, because the population has not been able to develop natural resistance and has not been vaccinated.

A bigger problem than Covid-19

According to official statistics In France, the flu killed more than 65,000 between 2012 and 2020 “. at United kingdom In particular, influenza kills nearly 17,000 people each year “.a real public health problem, even if it is seasonal, has been virtually forgotten in recent years. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected health care-seeking and health-care delivery behaviours, testing practices and capacities in countries and territories in the European Union, which experts say” Had a negative impact on the collection of epidemiological and virological data on influenza as of March 2020 ».

So according to the British researcher, Anthony HarndenVice Chairman of the Joint Committee for Vaccination and Immunization in United kingdom, « Flu may be a bigger problem than Covid-19 this winter The point is that according to the scientist Influenza prevalence is very low in recent years, to nearly zero during lockdown He had a significant decrease in immunity in the population.

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professor Harndon He commented on national media as health officials considered the feasibility of administering the flu vaccine along with the coronavirus vaccines. A challenge not only scientific, but also logistical. As all human resources were already busy carrying out campaign against covid-19. A campaign that becomes a race against time as the variables gain ground.

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