Facebook and Australia agree to take back the news content

(Sydney) Facebook announced on Tuesday that it will lift “in the coming days” the Australian ban on news content, after the government agreed to amend the law aimed at forcing tech giants to pay the media to resume their news. .

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Australian Finance Minister Josh Frydenberg and Facebook Australia’s managing director Will Easton said they had reached a compromise on one of the key points in this text that the sector giants in the US vehemently oppose.

With these changes, Easton said, “we can now work to continue our investment in public service journalism and re-publish Facebook news to Australians in the coming days.”

Last week, Facebook banned the publication of links to news articles and media pages nationwide.

Several pages of the official Facebook rescue service were also affected unintentionally.

This retaliatory measure sparked outrage in Australia and many countries.

The compromise means that the two giants Facebook and Google – who are particularly targeted by this law – should not be punished as long as they strike deals with the media in exchange for using their content.

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