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Fairy Creek: The injunction has not been extended

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British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Douglas Thompson ruled in favor of the environmental protesters, assembled under the name Rainforest Flying Squad.

forest company Teal Cedar products, who requested a 12-month extension of the injunction, was denied.

Authorize the injunction Gulf Research Center To arrest and expel those who were blocking Access to forests and cutting areas.

So far, more than 1,000 people have been arrested in order to enforce the injunction. Mobilization at Fairy Creek is the largest civil disobedience movement in Canadian history.

Under the present circumstances, I am not convinced that the scale of convenience supports an extension of the injunction. The factors favoring the extension do not outweigh the public interest in protecting the Court from the risk of further deterioration of its reputationJudge Thompson said.

It is not fair and equitable in all the circumstances of the case to issue the requested order. I exercise my discretion to refuse to extend an injunction.

Quote from:Douglas Thompson, Supreme Court Justice of British Columbia.

The order was not extended, and it ended as scheduled on Tuesday at 4 p.m.

First issued in April, an injunction Preventing protesters from cutting roads, building trees, or cutting timber.

The first interventions by the police to expel protesters opposing the cutting of old forests at the site fairy Creek and the surrounding Renfrew Harbor on Vancouver Island began in May. According to protesters from Rainforest Flying SquadSome of these interventions led to violent arrests.

In the history of September 13, 101 charges were criminal contempt Approved by the British Columbia Prosecution Service, Judge Thompson’s record of decisions was read.

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The use of force is worrying

Mr. Thompson said that though A compelling case can be made to protect what’s left of the ancient rainforests in British ColumbiaThe ruling in this question means moving away from the constitutional role of the court.

If the court holds that permission to terminate an injunction can seriously harm the interests of the company and the rule of law, it will maintain that the methods for implementing this injunction itself have led to a serious and grave breach. Civil liberties, including a marked attack on press freedom.

According to Judge Thompson, the police used reasonable force in most cases, but he points out nonetheless worrisome failure.

A series of photos seen by the court, in particular, show a police officer repeatedly removing protesters’ face coverings, while pepper spray was about to be used.

Mr. Thompson expressed concern that the actions of Gulf Research Center It is closely related to his court orders, especially since these photos and videos have been widely transmitted and shared.

These concerns also extend to officers’ orders Gulf Research Center, which asked officers to hide their badge numbers to avoid online harassment.

Anyone – even the police – especially in a group, She may be tempted to deviate from decency if there is an increased chance that she will not be held responsible for her actions, writes Mr. Thompson.

contracting Teal Cedar products Indicates in a statement that it check decision and that he will consider the options available to him during Coming days.

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The work we do under the permit 46 important and responsible registration. It is essential to maintain hundreds of jobs in the province and to produce the products we all depend on every day.The company said in a brief statement.

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