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Fall in Pitounes Volantes, love of toponyms at first sight 2020?

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The Greater Quebec City region is a force not to be overlooked in this competition organized by the Geospatial Committee of Quebec.

In fact, a third of the competing names come from Capitale-Nationale and Chaudière-Appalaches.

Names in Running

  • Allée du Chafaud, Côte-Nord-du-Golfe-du-Saint-Laurent (Côte-Nord);

  • Chemin des Saumoniers, Saint-Elzéar (Gaspésie – Îles-de-la-Madeleine);

  • Pitounes Volantes Fall, Lac-Jacques-Cartier (Capitale-Nationale);

  • Chemins-d’Été building, Vaudreuil-Dorion (Montérégie);

  • Gueule de la Damnée, Saint-Damase-de-L’Islet (Chaudière-Appalaches);

  • Lake Petapan, Lac-au-Broche (Cote-Nord);

  • Steps Mountain of the Giant, San Simeon (Capital National);

  • Parc des Trois-Bérets, Saint-Jean-Port-Joli (Chaudière-Appalaches);

  • Ruisseau-du-Pont-à-l’Avoine Park, Montreal;

  • Place des Rochelais, Matane (Bas-Saint-Laurent);

  • Rue Awacak, Trois-Rivières (Mauricie);

  • Rue des Paillettes-d’Or, Sherbrooke (Estrie).

For photographer, historian and heritage enthusiast Pierre Lahoud, the proposals submitted to the popular vote this year reflect all of the landscape poetry and Quebec’s past.

Still, it’s extraordinary! Friday morning shouted into the Première watch’s microphone. We are far from the time when city planners took a gem dictionary to give street names in an alphabetical list!

Among his personal favorites is Pitounes Volantes Waterfall, a waterfall that sits along a stream that runs through Jacques-Cartier National Park.

The geographical name chosen by the commission is intended as a nod to the records that were traversing the course of this watercourse, at the time of the drive.

It’s beautiful plus it sparks a really traditional activity. We imagine it, we watch Pitons fly and fly again!

Pierre Lahoud, historian, photographer, passionate about heritage

The Damnée River, a tributary of the Ouelle River, flows into Saint-Damase-de-l’Islet. It has been named as such since 1968, and it was not until 2020 that the committee decided to grant a geographical name that would have been marked by mouth.

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Once upon a time the devil was everywhereMr. Lahoud is mentioned in reference to the time when the Catholic Church ruled Quebec. Lakes that excite the Devil, there may be a hundred in the county. How many gates of hell do we have in Quebec?

In his opinion, La Gueule de la Damnée evokes a past where religion was powerful.

The Montagne des Pas de Géants, which defines a 300-meter mountain near Saint-Siméon, in Charlevoix, has a geographical name that gives it greatness, according to Pierre Lahoud.

It is called ‘no giants’ because there appear to be traces of giants on the side of the mountainThe historian explains.

In Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, Trois-Bérets Garden is a colorful tribute to three sculptor brothers, who practiced their art in the feloes.

This trio earned the title of Three Hats, Writes the commission on the sculptors Meadard, André and Jean-Julian Borgo.

Other indigenous geographical names for Quebec City

  • It is found in Saint-Damien-de-Buckland Lake hungry Since 1935, it is a tribute to the legend of a man who has been surprised by a winter near water and perished due to lack of food.
  • The Hole to bullet It is a small village in Nouvelle, in Gaspésie, that gathered around fifty people in 2010. It was named after a parishioner who paid tithes with balls of grain instead of grain – much to the dismay of the parish priest. The latter, angrily, denounced in the pulpit a “ bullet hole ” for referring to the trickster’s trick, a name that soon became in vogue among the faithful.
  • The Lake Cent Dix Piastres He remembers forever that an American lost his wallet (and this amount) during a fishing expedition, at the end of the nineteenth century, in these waters northwest of Les Escoumins.
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The twelve names in the race collects the names of favorite spots with the Geographical Names Committee, a list they have compiled every year since 2013.

Annual selection highlights The authenticity of toponyms, their ability to inspire powerful imagery and their contribution to the promotion of cultural heritage.

Since last year, the public has also been invited to a public referendum on his love at first sight, which is culminating in a symbolic date: Valentine’s Day.

For the public until February 9th to choose this site. (A new window)

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