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Hurricane ETA is heading towards Central America

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However, the agency never reached ETA, because the 28th storm of that year was not determined until the season was over. That last storm was in 2005 Subtropical storm formed for a short time In October, near the Azores, a remote archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

With about a month remaining in the 2020 hurricane season, Mr Klotsbach said, the 2005 record for most named storms will likely be broken.

“Obviously, the odds are in favor of another storm or two forming in November,” he said. “The large-scale environment, especially in the Caribbean, is expected to remain more favorable than usual for this late hurricane season.”

And Hurricane Silk followed, That landed Oct.28 in Louisiana as a Class 2 The storm, killing at least six people and It caused widespread power outages In Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Carolina.

The 2020 hurricanes did not match the strength of the 2005 storms. That year, there were eight major hurricane storms, which are defined as hurricanes that reach Category 3 or higher.

But the impacts of the 2020 season across the southern United States have been widespread.

Hurricane Laura Hit Lake Charles, Los Angeles in late August; Hurricane Sally The Florida Panhandle is hit with heavy rains in September; And in October, Delta hurricane It made landfall in Louisiana less than 20 miles east of where Laura was struck, and hit the area where she was still trying to recover.

Government scholars Expect an unusually busy hurricane season, Which started on June 1. They cited factors such as higher-than-average sea surface temperatures in the equatorial Atlantic and the Caribbean, strong African monsoons and vertical wind shear, implying less variability of winds at different altitudes that could disrupt storm formation.

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