Far Memory, Scarecrow & Corey Berry

Five of them are Jake Allen, present in July, but in an observer role. It is clear that injuries, departures, etc., all that contributed to this change of personnel, do not prevent, even in health, that the Hab no longer has much to do with this final formation.

Thus, Tampa Bay won by a logical score, even if the pace of the game wasn’t pointing in that direction.

Let’s put it this way: anything that can go wrong for Canadians goes wrong.

A former teammate played his first game for the Bale position since leaving: he scored the equalizer. CH leads by one goal with just over two minutes remaining: two defensive coverage errors lead to two quick goals from Lightning resulting in the Montrealers winning 38 seconds into the third half.

We were entitled to the usual formulas in these cases.

It’s frustrating, we deserved betterThese were the words of Dominique Ducharme.

It’s hard to swallow, added Nick Suzuki, author of Aim and Help.

The Canadian also lost the services of Christian Dvorak, injured in the lower body, to look good and maintain the average.

It seems like we’re losing a player or two every dayDrop the coach.

These are just impressions. The infirmary fills up as fast as the poor man’s house in high school who unfortunately has to organize open house.

Admittedly, the Canadian season is disastrous, largely on its own fault, because of the occasional blatant lack of commitment or management errors, but there are those evenings where one swears someone cast a bad spell on him.

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The Canadian was on a par with the opponent. Perhaps he had the upper hand in the second half. David Savard played a tough game against his former teammates hours after receiving his Stanley Cup ring from Julien BriseBois.

The defender has found his directions in the past few games and led the attack on Tuesday. A great piece of play to organize his family’s first goal, four blocking shots, a pass from Stephen Stamkos that cut the max in two against one, all in 24 minutes of play. Obviously, he wanted to beat the team that was not crowned last summer.

A hockey player hits a player of the opposing team

David Savard and Ross Colton

Photo: The Canadian Press/Paul Chiason

It was another defector who finally stole the show. Corey Perry gave the Lightning everything the Habs so much loved last year. Dangerous in possession of the disc, annoying to goalkeeper and defenders around the net, pushy, any fan who has followed the Montreal team’s qualifying trajectory must have been overtaken by bad memories or nostalgia.

The Old Curry now has six goals in his last eight games after a shy start. The last-minute takeover of the Canadian at the beginning of 2021 has finally proven to be a godsend and a symbol of CH’s success, too soon and already over.

Corey has always said nothing but good words about his year in Montreal. He loved the fans, the city and the team. I know he was wearing a different jacket tonight, but he was happy to be back at the Bell Center. For him, this goal has an important symbolismLightning coach John Cooper said.

Canadian too. Everything Mark Bergvin touched last year turned to gold. this year? scarecrow.

Apparently missing in CH’s locker room is this little je ne sais quoi described here by Cooper.

He has an aura. When he walked into the locker room, people were staring at him. To me, Corey Berry makes sense. Everything he says makes sense. He says the real things, there is no nonsense with him. Sometimes he gives me advice and I find that makes senseCooper explained.

There are 55 games to play in this season of Stations of the Cross and the Canadian will win some of them. Even with his paralysis, the team plays stubbornly these days.

There is a lot at stake for some players. Get a role and status. Here we can think of Cole Caufield, Ryan Boehling and Alexander Romanoff. Even to Mike Hoffman and Christian Dvorak, why not.

There are others who will want to prove that they are viable options to restore contact with injuries or even that they can simply play in the big league, such as Laurent Dauphin or Kale Clague. After all, the new boss is watching everything carefully.

But what the Canadian really needed on Tuesday night was a little push, a tie on the shoulder, and a small victory over a great team that dominated him in the Grand Final he was a few months ago.

Just a little happiness in this gray that never stops elongating. But this is also denied to him.

a lot of

Dominique Ducharme had kind words for newcomer Clagge. The 23-year-old full-back did not make a good first impression as he gifted Lightning the first goal due to misfortune, but the CH coach chose to be lenient.

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Ducharme said: He’s outdone the disc. Skates well. He still keeps a good distance between himself and the attackers to defend, drives the disc well. I liked his game in general. It’s his first match. It takes time to feel 100% comfortable with what you’re doing. Still a good start.

We were talking about David Savard. Quebec received the Stanley Cup Invasion episode two hours before the game. Cuper said he told his players they didn’t have to be there if it got in the way of their pre-game preparation too much, but they all worked out in the end.

It says a lot about what kind of person David Savard isCooper said.

Savard got an assist in his first match against his former team. Jonathan Drouin also had one on Tuesday night. In his case, it was his second point (two assists) in ten games against his former teammates.

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